Shark Cubie

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Shark Cubie
Rarity Epic
Cost 2 Red Keys
Recipe 10,000 Blue Paint

10,000 Yellow Paint

10,000 Red Paint

5,000 Resin

Print Time 20min
Blueprints Max 500, 77 in circulation
Release August 5th 2021

The Coin Hunt World Shark Cubie Blueprint was released in the Shop on August 5th 2021 and available until August 13th, 2021. It reappeared in the Shop from November 15th to 19th 2021.

  • Only one Blueprint per Player.
  • The Blueprint can be used more than once to create Shark Cubies
  • The printing time is 20min.
  • Only 500 Blueprints are available in the game. 32 Shark BP's were sold on the first sale period. Approximately 45 were sold during the second shop appearance, bringing the total number in circulation to 77 (this is an estimate).

Shark Cubie Blueprint

Shark Cubie Animation

Shark Cubie animation.

First printed Shark Cubie

{{FirstPrintRow|CubieName=Shark Cubie|BPName=Shark Cubie Blueprint|Rarity=Epic|FTPPlayer=ExcaliburII7|FTPDate=August 5, 2021|FTPNotes=The print happened 60 minutes after the Shop opened. The Game had a bug so players couldn't print for the first 40 minutes.

First time available in the Shop

The Blueprint will be available in the Shop on August 6th 2021 for 7 days. 500 blueprints will be available.

Second time available in the Shop

The blueprint returned to the shop on November 15th, 2021 and was available to purchase for five days.

Shark Cubie revealed during Hunters Lodge on July 30th 2021.