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The Shop is where players can purchase unique, limited edition Blueprints by using Keys.

The Shop first opened on May 27th 2021.

Date Icon Blueprint Rarity Price Notes
August 6th to August 13th 2021 SharkCubie.png Shark Cubie Epic 2 Red Keys 32 Blueprints sold
July 15th to July 22nd 2021 EthereumCubie.png Ethereum Cubie Rare 2 Yellow Keys 1206 Blueprints sold
June 25th to June 30th 2021 PirateCubie1.png Pirate Cubie Epic 2 Red Keys 46 Blueprints sold
June 6th to June 11th 2021 BitcoinCubie.png Bitcoin Cubie Rare 2 Yellow Keys 663 Blueprints sold
May 27th to June 3rd 2021 OGCubie1.png OG Cubie Epic 1 Green Key 2230 Blueprints sold

Available Shop Blueprints by Rarity

The supply and price of each Shop blueprint is determined by its rarity according to the table below:

  • The OG Cubie is an exception to the rule. This epic blueprint was available as a gift to Beta testers for the price of 1 Green Key with no supply cap.
Rarity Supply Cost
Common 100'000 2 Green Keys
Rare 10'000 2 Yellow Keys
Epic 500 2 Red Keys
Legendary n/a n/a


The Architect Blueprint, a Legendary item, was originally planned to be released in the Shop for a price of 2 Purple Keys, with a supply of One. However, it was instead placed in the Auction House to allow players to compete for it.