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Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a free-to-play/play-to-earn mobile Geo-location game currently in Beta on iOS and fully released on Android.

Players explore their real-world area searching for keys, which are then used to open vaults. When a vault is opened the user is prompted with a trivia question. If answered correctly within the given time limit, the user is rewarded.

Currently users are rewarded in real Bitcoin or Ethereum, as well as in game items such as cubies, and resources.

The game is currently available in the US and Canada with plans to expand its supported regions as early as summer 2021.

iOS users living in other countries have access to a daily trivia question while awaiting release.

Have a look at the Coin Hunt World Start Guide below.

For additional information beyond this guide, take a look at Tips and Tricks.



Click "Play Now" to receive a bonus 2 Green Keys after you sign up and build your Headquarters.

Play Now


Update: Waiting for iOS version to be approved, Testflight limit of 10,000 users reached. iOS users will have to wait for official release on the Apple store.

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Apple Test Flight iOS iOS users will need to:

  • Use a Referral Code after installing the game, but before you set up your Headquarters!

Check the Testflight page for more help.

Referral Code and Referral Rewards

Coin Hunt World Referrals reward both users two green Prize Boxes. The issuer will also receive additional reward keys based on the new user’s activity.

To use a friend's referral code: You must click their referral link after downloading the game and before setting up your Cubies "Headquarters."

Please use your buddy's referral link at this stage if they have given you one!

If you do not have a friends referral link to use, click "Play Now" to receive a bonus 2 Green Keys after you sign up and build your Headquarters.

Play Now

To share your own Coin Hunt World referral link with someone, tap on the cubie icon in-game in the bottom left corner, followed by Manage Friends, and finally Invite Friends. Invite Friends will prompt you with choosing various methods of sharing your referral link.

Reward gifts will be found in their Headquarters Inventory after the Headquarters is constructed.


  • The Headquarters (HQ) will give access to a Mystery Box, Shop, Auction House, Mailroom, Uservaults, and Chat Settings.
    • Constructing an HQ will require a Green Key.
      • Place your HQ near your home, or somewhere you frequent daily.
      • During placement, the HQ will be put on the map at the user’s location.
    • An HQ can be demolished.
      • Click on your HQ and select Demolish HQ to destroy it for free.
      • An HQ can also be Remotely demolished for the price of a Green Key.
      • Once an HQ is demolished, a Green Key is needed to reconstruct the HQ (tap on the cubie icon in-game to see the option).
    • Each User is allowed one HQ.
    • Other users will not be able to see your HQ, and your HQ will not conflict with other HQs.

First Hunt

If you want to plan ahead, use Coin Hunt Map to look for nearby keys and vaults. If you don't see anything on the map, that just means nobody has mapped your area yet and you'll have to explore on your own.

Head towards the nearest commercial/built up area. Main Streets, malls, plazas, parks and high foot traffic areas are the places to go right now. Collect Blue Keys and solve blue or green Vaults.

Keybooths and Key Forging

Vaults and Keybooths respawn at fixed times (noon UTC and midnight UTC for Blue Vaults, noon UTC for Green Vaults and Keybooths, Mondays noon UTC for Yellow Vaults.

Collecting a Key from a Keybooth

Tap the keybooth to select it, and tap the key to collect it.

Forging a Green Key

Forge a green key by tapping on an empty Keybooth and dragging a blue key to the forge. If you don't see any keys when clicking for forge, you likely don't have 10 keys of any color. For additional details see the Forge page.


To rank higher on the Leaderboards, you must obtain Leaderboard Points (LBPs). LBPs are acquired by solving vaults, printing cubies (the first print only), completing Buddy Quests, fueling cubiedozers and cubiecranes with Resin, and from referrals. The top players of each month receive rewards via Monthly Leaderboard Contests.

As of 8/21/21, there are four Leaderboards in the game:

Global Leaderboards
Monthly All-Time
GlobalLBMonthly 8 29 2021.png
GlobalLB 8 2021.png
Country Leaderboards
Monthly All-Time
CountryLBMonthly 8 29 2021.png
CountryLB AT 8 29 2021.png


Adding friends in-game unlocks the Buddy Quest feature.

To see your friends list or to add a friend: Once in-game tap on the cubie icon in the bottom left corner, then tap on FRIENDS, followed by MANAGE FRIENDS, and finally ADD FRIEND. By entering their username you will be able to send them your friend invite.

You can find more friends on the Discord. There is a Buddy Quest channel where people can ask for friend requests.

Buddy Quests

You and a buddy may be paired up to complete a Buddy Quest. Buddy Quests are a randomly generated task given to players who have added each-other as friends. Each player will have to find a vault within a 3 Mile/~5KM radius of their respective HQs which has turned into the quest location. You will see red pings emanating from the direction you should look. You will have to coordinate with your buddy and each of you will have to be present at your respective buddy quest locations at the same time to complete the task. Buddy Quests last a week before expiring. You can only have one Buddy Quest active at a time, so you may want to keep only active users on your friends list!

Both players will receive a Yellow Key after successfully finishing the Buddy Quest.


Printshops are locations where you can craft cubies. They are normally located in major centers of commerce, such as large malls.

Printshops are now located at every Walmart, Target, and Canadian Tire across Canada and the US!


Special Events

Currently there are multiple ways of joining in on Special Events. Floating Vaults, Boosted Vaults, Printing Events, and Photo Competitions are some of the many ways you can earn extra crypto and in-game items.


Users are able to withdrawal the Cryptocurrency they earn in-game through Coin Hunt World's wallet partner Uphold. Transfers of in-game crypto to Uphold happen automatically every Tuesday.

In order to use this service, players need to have an account with Uphold, which can be created for free. Players must also unlock the Uphold export functionality in-game by sacrificing 10'000 resin Resin.png. Finally, as an anti-cheating measure, new players are required to have successfully completed at least one Photo Quest before they are allowed to withdraw cryptocurrency to their Uphold account.


Questions? Comments? Need Support? Want the latest info and tips? All of this is best found through the Discord group.

You can also receive support in-game via the options menu, and selecting BUG REPORT.


If you want to share some feedback about the Coin Hunt World Start Guide, please contact the Wiki Admin.

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