Thanksgiving Event

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2020 Thanksgiving Event

In 2020, the Thanksgiving event rewarded all players who logged in on November 26, 2020 with the special Turkey Cubie. No further action was needed besides logging in on that day. Only 54 of these cubies exist.

2021 Thanksgiving Event

The Thanksgiving Cubie Blueprint was available as a random drop during the 2021 Thanksgiving event. During this event paint acquired from Resource Boxes found after solving Blue Vaults and Uservaults was increased to 100 paint (up from the usual 25), some players affectionally referred to this as “Paintsgiving”.

Information Known Prior to the Event

Illusionweaver stated on Discord that the “Thanksgiving event will run in USA, CA & UK from 25 to 27 NOV UTC 🙂 Basic event : BP can drop from any vault”

As for the Blueprint, he stated “BP uses just paint, no special resources”

And when asked about any special mechanics (i.e. the “nimble” or walking mechanic from the Halloween Event) he responded “just plain old hunting”

Start of the Event

  • UTC: November 25, 2021 12am
  • ET: November 24, 2021 7pm
  • PT: November 24, 2021 4pm

End of the Event

  • UTC: November 27, 2021 12am
  • ET: November 26, 2021 7pm
  • PT: November 26, 2021 4pm