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Trivia Categories

Other Trivia Categories

Yellow Vaults - First Question

The first Trivia Question at a Yellow Vault is always about the location of the vault. If a player visits the same vault again, it will have a random yellow level trivia question.

Purple Vault Questions

Purple Vaults are only available during certain Special Events. Called Coin Hunt World Trivia, these questions typically relate to Coin Hunt World history.

New Categories

  • A new Toys & Games category was added into Coin Hunt World on January 17th 2022.
  • Automotive and Health & Medicine categories were added in to the game on November 22 2021.

The Coin Hunt Wiki devs have added Picture Trivia to certain categories in update 1.0.2. These picture questions and answers are not listed below or elsewhere on the Coin Hunt Wiki.

Categories with Picture Trivia

  • Art
  • Food & Drink
  • Geography
  • Sports