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Coin Hunt World will be released in the UK on September 30th 2021. The UK is the third Region to be released after the USA and Canada.

For more information for the Coin Hunt World UK release check the following links:

Payout Option for UK

Uphold export is not available in the UK, but the Developers are busy integrating another export partner for Europe, more details are coming soon.

UK Leaderboard Winners

The UK Leaderboard will start in October 2021.

National Community Groups

Please let me know if you want to see your Coin Hunt World UK Community Group here. Mention it on Discord and ping @marlov or send me a message on Discord (marlov#4181).




Local Community Groups



First Player to open a Vault in the UK

Vade was the first Player to solve a Vault on London Soil during the London Launch Event on September 30th 2021. He received 1 Yellow Key as a special bonus from the devs.