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A new Coin Hunt World UK Cubie will be available during the Coin Hunt World London Launch Event. Blueprints and special Resources will be dropping only in the Greater London area this year.

The UK Cubie will be available every Guy Fawkes Night Event on November 5th after launch including the required Resources.

UK Cubie
Rarity Rare
Cost Random Drop
Recipe 1000 Fish & Chips, 1000 Cricket Paddle, and 2000 Resin
Print Time 10min
Blueprints Unlimited
Release September 30th 2021

The CHW UK Cubie Blueprint was released for the first time during the London Launch Event.

  • The Blueprint can be used more than once to create UK Cubies
  • The printing time is 10min
UK Cubie Blueprint.

UK Cubie Animation

First printed UK Cubie

Player Ozmandingo was the the first to print the Coin Hunt World UK Cubie on October 10, 2021. Collecting the blueprint, 1000  Fish & Chips and 1000  Cricket Paddles.

Announcement of first printed UK Cubie.

First UK Cubie in the Auction House

Player Dpvdpv put the first ever UK Cubie in the Auction House on October 12th 2021 for a starting bid of 100  Blue Keys.


London Launch 2021 Event.