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A new USA Cubie will be available during the July 4th Special Event. Blueprints and special Resources will be dropping between July 4th and 6th only in the USA.

The USA Cubie will be available every July 4th from now on including the required Resources (Footballs and Cowboy Hats).

USA Cubie
Rarity Rare
Cost Random Drop
Recipe 1000 Football, 1000 Cowboy Hat, and 2000 Resin
Print Time 10min
Blueprints Unlimited
Release July 3rd 2021

The USA Cubie Blueprint was created for the July 4th Special Event.

  • The printing time is 10min

USA Cubie Blueprint

USA Cubie Animation

USA Cubie animation

First printed USA Cubie

Trugoy printed the first USA Cubie on July 3, 2021. The print happened about 2 hours 40 minutes after the Blueprint was released at the start of the first ever July 4th Special Event


July 4th 2021 Event.
USA Cubie Blueprint.