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Universal Time Coordinated (UTC) is 4 hours ahead of Eastern Daylight Time and 7 hours ahead of Pacific Daylight Time.

3:30am in UTC is 11:30pm in EDT and is 8:30pm in PDT.

UTC Timetable
12am 1am 8pm 5pm Vaults
1am 2am 9pm 6pm
2am 3am 10pm 7pm
3am 4am 11pm 8pm
4am 5am 12am 9pm
5am 6am 1am 10pm
6am 7am 2am 11pm
7am 8am 3am 12am
8am 9am 4am 1am
9am 10am 5am 2am
10am 11am 6am 3am
11am 12pm 7am 4am
12pm 1pm 8am 5am Vaults and Keys
1pm 2pm 9am 6am
2pm 3pm 10am 7am
3pm 4pm 11am 8am
4pm 5pm 12pm 9am
5pm 6pm 1pm 10am
6pm 7pm 2pm 11am
7pm 8pm 3pm 12pm
8pm 9pm 4pm 1pm
9pm 10pm 5pm 2pm
10pm 11pm 6pm 3pm
11pm 12am 7pm 4pm