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A player's blue Uservault in-game.

Uservaults (User Vaults) are player created Vaults which return 5% of all Keys used (which includes failed and successful attempts) in that Uservault to the owner. At the moment, only blue Uservaults can be placed. The game developers hinted that higher tier Uservaults will be added in the future.

Uservaults are built by Cubiedozers.

Uservault Creation

To place a new Uservault the player needs to first unlock a Uservault spot in their Headquarters. Each spot costs 1 Green Key.

A lock symbol shows up on the main screen. Go to the exact location you want to place the new Uservault and click the lock symbol.

The game will ask you to take a picture and then fill out some information about the location.

A Yellow Flag is marking the spot until the location is approved which should take less than 72 hours. The player gets informed via in-game message when the Uservault is approved.

After approval the Yellow Flag turns into a Cubiedozer.

The Cubiedozer needs to be filled with 10'000 Resin. Any player can add resin in 100 increments which give Leaderboard Points. There is no time limit to fill the Cubiedozer.

Once the Cubiedozer reaches 10'000 Resin, it will turn into a Uservault after one hour.

Requirements to Place an Uservault

The new Uservault can't be closer than 50m (164ft) to the next Keybooth or 100m(328ft) to any other Uservault or normal Vault. Blue Vaults are getting replaced if a Uservault is placed too close.

Would people want to take pictures in this location? If the answer is no, this is probably not a great location for a Vault.

Good Coin Hunt World Uservault Locations

  • Tourist spots
  • Interesting Urban Art
  • Beautiful gardens & parks
  • Breathtaking views
  • Commercial areas
  • Food & Drink
  • Entertainment
  • Historic sites

Bad Coin Hunt World Uservault Locations

  • Fire Stations
  • Police Stations
  • Hospital / ER
  • K-12 Schools
  • Residential Neighborhoods
  • Middle of the road

Uservault Destruction

Players can destroy the UV at three points in time:

  • When the UV is still a flag (yet to be approved)
  • When the UV location has been denied
  • After the UV has been built and is a beautiful, tall, cubie-embroidered vault

Uservault Rewards

Uservaults give out better rewards than regular vaults such as:

  • The owner receives a return of 5%, 1 blue key for every 20 blue keys inserted into the vault
  • A greater chance of getting bonus keys (including higher tier keys)
  • A greater chance of getting a resource box, thus giving you more resin and paint, crystals, or other crafting ingredients.
  • When you solve a UV, you get 1 leaderboard point, and so does the owner.

You can check out the Coin_Hunt_World_Drop_Rate_Estimates page for more information.


Uservaults were added to the game on March 9th 2021 with the v0.8.0 update.