Water Elemental Cubie

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Water Elemental Cubie
Water cubie.png
Rarity Rare
Cost Random Drop
Recipe 2000 PaintTeal.png, 2000 Water 1.png, 1 Water 2.png and 2000 Resin.png
Print Time 10min
Blueprints 1700 (max 1700)
Release September 6th 2021

The Coin Hunt World Water Elemental Cubie Blueprint was created for the Elemental Invasion Event.<br?

  • Only one blueprint per player
  • The blueprint is only available as a random drop from a Resource Box during the Elemental Invasion Special Event
  • The printing time is 10min

First printed Water Elemental Cubie

Player Zach was the the first to print the Coin Hunt World Water Elemental Cubie on September 7th 2021, a few hours after official release. Collecting the Water Cubie blueprint, 2000 Blue Paint, 2000 Water Crystals, 1 Water Heart and 2000 Resin.

Water Elemental Cubie Animation


Water Elemental Cubie recipe
Elemental Invasion Event, September 2021