Witch Cubie

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Witch Cubie
Witch cubie.png
Rarity Epic
Cost Random Drop
Recipe 5 Witches Hat

150 Warty Toad

200 Bat Wings

5000 Resin

Print Time 20min
Blueprints 296
Release October 30, 2021

The Coin Hunt World Witch Cubie Blueprint was created for the Halloween Event 2021.

  • The blueprint can be used unlimited times to create Witch Cubies
  • The blueprint was only available as a random drop from an Epic Cauldron during the Halloween Event in 2021 and because its rarity is epic, it will never return.
  • The printing time is 20 minutes
Witch Cubie Blueprint

Witch Cubie Animation

First printed Witch Cubie

Player Kooshy was the the first to print on November 2nd 2021.

Official Announcement Pictures

Halloween 2021 Event.
Witch Cubie recipe