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Meet Wrwilm

Wrwilm is an active Coin Hunt World player who hunts in the London, Ontario area. Although he is a newer player, having just started at the beginning of September 2021, he quickly became engulfed in the game after discovering ITGUY's podcast and Anakura's https://coinhuntmap.com/. He utilized these resources extensively during his first month and actually managed to place in the top 50 Global Leaderboard Contest and in the top 30 Canada Leaderboards! Incredible!


Find him on:


Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region LB Link Place Prize
1 September 2021 Country Leaderboard Canada 🔎 25th 3 Green Prize Box
1 September 2021 Global Leaderboard Global 🔎 48th

Wrwilm YouTube

Wrwilm has a YouTube Channel where he creates a weekly highlight reel of clips from Coin Hunt World's content creators. Link to WrWilm's Coin Hunt World YouTube Channel: CHW Highlight's YouTube