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Cubie Air Trivia Winners

Recently, the Cubie Air Event came to a close. Prior to the event ending, there were nearly 900 players on the Trivia Challenge leaderboard. Shortly after, it was suggested that some of the names on the top of the leaderboard were unfamiliar, and further implied that it was suspicious to see so many unrecognizable names excelling at this challenge. This suspicion was shared publicly in the Discord as a reason to doubt authenticity of the competitors. I found that to be disrespectful.

I’d like to introduce you to the people who finished in the top 20 on the Cubie Air Leaderboard, and make sure the community sees that they are real people who did not cheat and deserve our recognition even though they may not be known for being in the Discord 24/7. There is no good reason to doubt that each of these players are real people playing honestly.

Finisher #20: WOS420

Although they didn’t respond to the message I sent him on Discord, this player has been part of the official CHW Discord server for over 10 months. He posts somewhat regularly in the Buddy Quests server and a few of his buddies noted that he was timely on those BQ’s. It’s understandable that their name might not be known to many, but I don’t find that to be suspicious.

Finisher #19: misheefishee

Misheefishee has been playing this game in the Toronto area for 8 months. Although they are not placing on the local leaderboard top 50, they have been active in the Buddy Quests channel on Discord. I wasn’t able to reach them via DM, but if they’ve been around for 8 months it seems unlikely to me they are a bot that just joined the game to cheat at this event.

Finisher #18: Dezeast

Dezeast has finished top 50 in Maryland every month since local leaderboards were started. They consider themselves a Discord “lurker” and attributed their success to luck. Congrats, Dezeast for your top 20 placement!

Finisher #17: Rydale

Rydale is a UK player who needs no introduction to anyone who’s been around long enough. He consistently places well on the Wales local leaderboard and has been top 50 in the UK for the last 3 months.

Finisher #16: D0naldDuck

D0naldDuck was the first player to print the Black Cat Cubie last year during the Halloween Event. He’s placed top 50 globally twice, and is somewhat active on Discord. Most players would recognize this name. Great work, D0naldDuck on your Cubie Air challenge!

Finisher #15: Pookie

This is the only player I couldn’t find any info on. If unrecognizable names is something to be suspicious of (though I’d argue its not) then this is the only one to keep an eye on. Great finish nonetheless, Pookie!

Finisher #14: Maybe

Although I couldn’t find them on the Discord, Maybe is certainly well-known in New Jersey, having placed top 50 on their local leaderboard every month from last October until May of this year. Based on their placements I’d guess they’ve been playing a little less each month. Perhaps they viewed this as their final way out of the game? In any case, they had a strong finish and do not appear to be a bot that just recently showed up to cheat.

Finisher #13: Yauza

Is Yauza one of the “unfamiliar” players that was noted as suspicious? When I spoke with them, they noted that they’ve been playing since last April. Once, he met Kookoopuffs and shook his hand when there was a meet and greet with players in Vancouver. During this event, he was among many players who solved their Cubie Air attempt in a group setting. Looks like that strategy was well worth it, well done Yauza!

Finisher #12: TwistedMind

TwistedMind was not reachable on Discord via DM, but I can see they placed on leaderboards as far back as December of last year, and have been in the official CHW Discord since August of last year. I was able to confirm from several players that have done Buddy Quests with him that he is responsive and timely. Seems like a real person to me. Congrats on your finish, TwistedMind!

Finisher #11: Squeamy

Where do we begin. Squeamy is most certainly a known figure and not at all who they meant when they said there were unrecognizable names at the top of the list. He solved his 25 attempts with a group of players in Vancouver. He has publicly shared his doubts about the claims made by the developers regarding the reasons for the cancellation of the event. In any case, I want to recognize the great work he did not just on his Cubie Air attempt, but for all the work he’s done for this community. Thank you, Squeamy!

Finisher #10: Qbit

Qbit is a Discord regular who just barely snuck into the top 10 on this event. They’ve been playing since April of 2021 and have many leaderboard accolades to show for it. Way to go, Qbit!

Finisher #9: Beatsmebydre

If you don’t know Beatsmebydre, you need to get subscribed to his YouTube channel and Podcast! His trivia skills are not to be questioned. He has two top 5 global finishes (taking the 1st place one time) and has been first on the Pennsylvania leaderboard nearly every month since local leaderboards have existed. I hope nobody would question the authenticity of his run. Congrats Beats!

Finisher #8: EmeraldCity

This player has been in the Discord for six months and been playing for at least 10. Nearly every month they place top 50 on the New York local leaderboard. They were the first person to break 1000 points on this challenge and did so just 10 minutes after the event started. On this trivia challenge, they were able to get 4 of the purple answers right in a row without any outside help. Amazing job, EmeraldCity!

Finisher #7: Lastgasp

This player is from the New Brunswick local leaderboard in Canada. They have placed top 50 locally every month since local leaderboards have been tracked, even securing first place once. To prepare for this event, they had sold all their blueprints to stack keys and were able to make 19 attempts at the Cubie Air Trivia Challenge. Between studying the Wiki’s trivia database and using Google for help, and with so many attempts made, they were able to get a nice placement after seeing some repeat questions. Great score, Lastgasp!

Finisher #6: TheDon13

TheDon has been an active player in Wisconsin since December 2021. He is fairly active on the Discord and was the first player to print a Cubie Air Natalie earlier this month. He was able to complete 5 of the purple Ace Class questions and said he knew three of them an guessed on two. Fantastic work, TheDon!

Finisher #5: Tecian

Tecian has been playing in the UK for a few months now. They’re not active much on Discord, but I did speak via DM. They told me they had completed five Ace Class questions correctly through some guessing and a few they knew. They felt very lucky to have gotten as far as they did. After working so hard on part one and getting the boarding pass, they were thrilled to have done so great on the Trivia Challenge. At least you can be proud of your top 5 placement, Tecian!

Finisher #4: bigben

Bigben has placed top 50 in Saskatchewan seven times in the last year. He is not on Discord, but I spoke to a family member of his who is, and they tell me that Bigben had a very lucky run and was able to guess five in a row on the Ace Class questions. Great luck for you, Ben!

Finisher #3: TheGazMan

This player placed on the top 50 of the UK Leaderboard for the last three months. They attributed his success on the Ace-Class trivia to blind luck. Seems to me unlikely that a player in the UK who can’t make crypto withdraws from the game would be motivated to automate his attempt. Well done, TheGazMan!

Finisher #2: Whiskyrnr

Although he didn’t respond to our DM, Whiskyrnr is a member of the official CHW Discord. With no top 50 leaderboard placements recorded, it is perhaps suspicious that they finished so high, except… haven’t we already seen just how many “unrecognized” names were able to do so well with just a little bit of luck? I don’t think any player should be disrespected with public suspicious and scrutiny just because they’re not on Discord 24/7. Great job with your high placement, Whiskyrnr!

Finisher #1: khag

Khag has been playing for a bit over a year at this point. He’s well known in the community and is certainly not a bot. He reports that his success on the runs was mostly due to preparation, but required a bit of luck as well. He spent hours helping to collect trivia questions from other players and adding them to the Wiki, and then studying that trivia database. He also had that database at the ready for his attempts, with a google search ready as well. On top of that he had been studying a list of the top 100 airport codes and a list of airlines by country. Despite all that preparation, several of the Ace Class questions required a quick guess. In the end, the preparation paid off, as he was able to get through six Ace Class questions. Way to go, khag!


As I’ve shown, there were many players who had a mix of great studying, and a little bit of luck. Nearly all of the players were reachable on Discord and happy to talk. I have no suspicion that any of them are bots, and the recent implications of that are nonsense. Lastly, I’d like to share a few comments from some of the Top 20 finishers that responded when I asked how the cancellation and accusation made them feel:

What was saved in dollars was lost in trust, and it will take Coin Hunt World a while to regain all that they lost.

This article is authored by some members of the player community but is not endorsed by the Coin Hunt World Wiki as a whole.

1 Comment

  1. Ace Rimmer
    October 8, 2022

    Great article, and needed to be said – the casual manner in which the event was cancelled due to ‘bots’ was very poor and very disrespectful to the players who did well.
    tbh If you’ve a player capable of writing a script to game your quest, especially without using tens of red keys to refine it, give him/her a job straightaway – because that is ace-level coding skills…. unless it’s an inside job of course!


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