A Game of Choices

Hunter’s Lodge 5:

The crypto and reward boxes drop rates are changing again.  At the next event, each blue vault trivia successfully answered will either drop a crypto box, a reward box or an option of either a crypto or reward box.  

Put simply, when solving a vault during the next event, a player will have a 33% chance of getting crypto only, 33% chance of getting a reward box only, or 33% chance of having the option of choosing a crypto or reward box. You can never receive both, the best you can hope for is the choice to pick which one you want.

This change may or may not become a permanent fixture.Β  IW stated that the data from the event will contribute to determining whether or not they implement this new mechanic permanently.

My Thoughts:

It’s a game of choice we’ve been told.Β  It seems to me the choice is getting slimmer.Β  Given the options, it looks like I will be getting crypto 66% of the time and reward boxes 33% of the time.Β  This is great compared to no crypto during events.Β  However, it will be a sad day if every day hunting adopts this drop rate.Β It wasn’t all that long ago that we received 10 cents per blue vault. Now the base rate is down to 1 cent (2 cents for “perfect” trivia time) and they’re looking for another way to cut crypto payouts.

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