Chill Wheel activity quests

‘Chill Wheel’ Activity Quests – Rolling Out in September

This article is part of our continuing series on the new features introduced in Hunters Lodge #5.

The addition of Chill Wheel activity quests is exciting news for those looking for more options to:

  • Earn daily key income
  • Be competitive on the leaderboards
  • Stay fit

Based on the information given the Hunter’s Lodge, these quests will launch in early September, making them one of the first new features to roll out.

What are ‘Chill Wheels’?

Anything on wheels that does not go fast, including:

  • Skateboards
  • BMX
  • Wheelchairs
  • Roller skates
  • Unicycles

Basically, you will be able to move faster than walking, but slower than full-size wheel cycling. No doubt hunters will discover other options that work as well.

Chill Wheels OR Walking

Each day, you will be able to choose either walking or chill wheel activity quests, but not both. Still, having options will allow you the freedom to do more activities you enjoy and accomplish something that is in line with your energy levels for the day – and at the same time, make the game more accessible in general.

Rewards for chill wheel activity quests will be identical to walking quests – same key income, same leaderboard points.

The Algorithm

Though it remains an unsolved mystery, the algorithm that determines progress in activity quests appears to factor in distance, speed, and cadence (as determined by your phone’s accelerometer). It would be reasonable to assume that progress relies on a ratio of these factors. As long as the ratio is within a given range, the bar fills up. To this point, anyone who has tried cycling has noticed little or no progress being made – in all probability due to too little cadence for too much speed/distance.

Chill Wheel quests likely are configured with a different ratio than walking quests. Regular cyclists may have marginal success with this ratio, but this remains to be seen. Slow driving will likely still be ineffective, as it lacks the cadence factor.

More ways to move!

Helping to get and stay fit was always part of the game’s mission statement, and it’s exciting to hear the announcement of new activity quest options. And if you love cycling, as I do, it’s reassuring to see the game moving towards the inclusion of ‘Not-so-Chill Wheels’.

Keep moving and fill those bars with blue!


  1. Samlaroche
    August 24, 2022

    Hope it will work will a normal bike at slow-medium speed! And I guess it will be next spring for me because I wont bike in the cold and snow!
    IGN : Samlaroche

    1. peregrine
      August 25, 2022

      I’m hoping for the same. Winter arrives here Oct/Nov, so the biking window will close quickly. Hope to squeeze as much as I can in before the snow flies!


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