Coin Hunt World Hunter’s Lodge #5 Speculation

Disclaimer!! – Unless the developers have explicitly released information about anything I state below, treat EVERYTHING as speculation. Edit: HUNTER’S LODGE 5 WITH Q&A FOUND HERE

Well, here we are a few days before Coin Hunt World’s fifth Hunter’s Lodge. It will be available in the following places:

  1. YouTube stream first:
    • Illusionweaver has commented a few times that this will be the longest Hunter’s Lodge yet and I’m sure that will lead to ALL the beans being spilled.
  2. Discord stage event second:
    • Make sure you have your questions ready for the follow up Live Q&A!

Jumping into the speculation, this post is brought to you in 4 parts:

  • Part 1: What I expect to see in HL5
  • Part 2: What I hope to see, but may not be in HL5
  • Part 3: Other things the devs have hinted at but not pursued at this time
  • Part 4: A suggestion that I haven’t fully thought through but think would be awesome in Coin Hunt World

If you’d like to hear a discussion of most of the topics found below, check out the Zach’n’Beats Podcast, Episode 41, where I fill in for Zach while he has the week off. Links found below.

SpotifyApple podcastsGoogle Podcasts

PART 1 – Expected during Hunter’s Lodge #5 – I’m sure I’ll have missed some things, but it’s a start.

Updates on Expansion

Activity Quest Update

  • Quick comment about Walking Quests
  • Mention of chill wheel quests and/or a timeline on cycling

Monument/Location Quests

  • Sushi… That’s all I got for this one. You’ll see when the time comes.

Cubie Air – Second Anniversary Event

  • Basic outline on Cubie breakdown for event – reveal of 1-2 of them if we’re lucky
  • Either a detailed outline on mechanics for the event (similar to the Pat Morita breakdown) or almost nothing about the mechanics in hope that we as a community figure it all out
  • Hints at any Cubies not shown
  • Introduction to what’s going on with the 2nd Legendary

The Battlepass

  • This is a bit more speculative than the others with far less info spilled about if/when this will be implemented
  • Timeline for implementation
  • Details about how it would work / what it would cost / payment options


  • Timeline for implementation
  • Details about mechanics surrounding this feature
  • Quick How-to presentation IF it’s going to be part of the next big update


  • Timeline on implementation
  • Presentation of actual first structure BP / how it will be available
  • Information about other upcoming structures (signal tower?)
  • Back in February 2022, Despair asked about more UV slots – IW responded, “those details will be unveiled next Hunters Lodge I hope”.


  • Presentation of how merch licenses are being rolled out
  • List of anyone who has both signed an agreement and has something up and running
  • Reiteration of future plans on how merch can be integrated into the game

PART 2 – Things that I hope they touch on, but less likely to be a large part of the presentation


  • I hope this comes up, even briefly, but in all likelihood, this is just beating a dead horse unless there is news about it

UK Withdrawals

  • Something, just, please, something…
  • Well, we got something.

Auction House Improvements

  • API
  • Search by selling amount
  • Remove from my bids list
  • Auction identifiers
  • More?


  • This may or may not tie into more activity quests, but some sort of streak system for completing 6-8 of the walking quests for x # of days 
  • Collecting x # of different Cubies
  • Printing x # of Cubies
  • The list has endless possibilities


  • Update other player pages with more info
  • Update your player page with vaults yesterday/today, % of perfect/great/good

Display cases

  • Possibly will tie into achievements
  • Give some sort of use case

Sneak peek at Halloween Event

  • Hopefully give dates
  • Hints about how the cauldron may be different
  • Kookoopuffs to start the barrage of gifs in Discord about something random that is actually important?

New Trivia Categories/Questions

  • Possible addition of another category or two from the list presented in Hunter’s Lodge 2 (Business & Economy, Law and Justice, Mythology & Beliefs, Personalities, Politics, Religion)
  • More questions for older categories

Referral Process Upgrade

  • Mention of how/when the referral program will become a smooth simple process

New Buddy Quest mechanics

  • Asked about multiple times during Hunter’s Lodge Q&As, these are likely to stay on the backburner for a while yet

Promoter Roles

  • First brought up long ago 
  • Might be touched on alongside merch

Cubie Utility 

  • Levels?
  • Expansion on ideas offered through the tweet contest

NFT Implementation

  • Ideally this is at least given a deadline to be implemented so that speculators can plan accordingly
  • When Cubies/BPs will be mintable (after structures)

PART 3 – Other speculation

The devs have hinted at a few other things throughout the months that the community usually pays attention to for anywhere from a few minutes to a few days but usually we just move on.

These lesser focused on spilled beans usually get summarized by Zach in the Wiki Newsletter (which you should sign up for if you aren’t already – you can do that HERE)

I haven’t listed everything, (to put it bluntly, not all of it matters) but here are a just a few things we’ve seen teased but nothing really came of. These could be meaningless, or just so far down the pipeline that we won’t see them for years.

Illusionweaver (Note: I have slightly paraphrased some of this to keep it short)

  • Jun 27 2022 – new type of leaderboard, Cubieverse explorers – this would give points for doing quests/monuments all over the world
  • Jun 17 2022 – banks will have multiple uses – you’ll be able to stake at other players banks
  • Apr 22 2022 – daily login quests are in progress
  • Feb 7 2022 – Unclaimed NFTs from event quests will be given out down the road


  • Apr 23 2022 – Roadmap has weather and seasonal related prizes on it
  • Mar 13 2022 – province-specific cubies might happen
  • Mar 13 2022 – skinned UVs would be cool
  • Feb 3 2022 – random encounters while walking coming at some point
  • Jan 13 2022 – We’re planning to provide even more data for auction house traders

Part 4 – An idea from yours truly

Multi-pronged quest chain

  • Block 1 – insert blue key to start – receive a reward box with a minimal amount of event specific resources to get started with 
  • Block 2 – open xx vaults (any colour)
  • Block 3 – insert green key to unlock 1 of 3 Common Blueprints either chosen between 3 or randomly assigned (very minimal resources to print these, print many, print often, sell and collect them all!! All same recipe)
  • Block 4 – Put on any of the Common cubies
  • Block 5 – complete at least walking goal 5 for 3 days straight
  • Block 6 – insert yellow key to gain access to the associated Rare Blueprint block (slightly more resources, but still attainable for the casual player to at least print a couple to sell in the Auction house – slightly varying in recipe, something like a certain amount of resources common to all 3 rare and then a specific resource for each of the 3)
  • Block 7 – Put on any of the Rare cubies
  • Block 8 – complete at least walking goal 6 for 2 days straight AND solve xx vaults (any colour)
  • Block 9 – insert red key to gain associated Epic Blueprint (As Illusionweaver always says, these shouldn’t be easy to obtain, possibly use one already existing epic resource for each and then a new one that drops while the quest chain is active)
  • Block 10 – Big tickler

Now obviously the details of each block could be altered to make it more/less difficult, but what this quest would accomplish:

  1. With activity quests included, it forces the completion to be done over multiple days (more interaction)
  2. With multiple options for BPs, but only being able to choose 1, players are forced to use the AH to gather cubies, resources and additional BPs if they want them
  3. Depending on how long the quest is available this would likely cause hunters to actively plan how they’ll play the event hopefully increasing community engagement while discussing how individuals will get things done.

For hunters that play daily and go hard during events, this should be an easy event with a hard decision at the beginning, for casual players, this would just be another event anyways.


At the time of this article being published, we are less than 48 hours until the Hunters Lodge #5. None of us can know for certain what to expect, but I hope the speculation above has you excited to tune in and find out! Happy Hunting!

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