Hunter’s Lodge #1 Retrospective

It has been just over a year since the first Hunters Lodge presentation on June 26, 2021 where the developers shared with us their vision for the game. Let’s take a look back at what they shared with us and see which of those visions became reality.

Let me begin by saying, I love this game. Please do not take anything I have summarized below as a complaint or hate against the game. These articles in particular are simply to record what was talked about, compare it to what has been delivered, and possibly add some of my opinion on certain parts. I should also point out that I did not start playing until the end of August 2021 so the older HL’s will mainly be commented on purely based on the information presented, whereas I may have more context to the newer changes (HL3,4)

Developers Communication

To start, just the thought of having Hunter’s Lodge presentations is a win. Developers directly interfacing with their player base is amazing and I commend them for continuing to do it, even if the schedule for Hunter’s Lodges is fairly sporadic. 


Illusionweaver starts by telling us that there is good news and bad news. He says “We are taking steps to get it approved” in regards to the game being approved for more than just TestFlight on Apple devices. 

My thoughts – For any newer hunters, yes, this has been an issue for this long and try as the community may, seemingly no progress has been made on this front. Hopefully this is at least touched on in HL5, but we’ll have to wait and see. 

Leaving Beta

Next we found out the game is “leaving Beta” which while that is a great sign, it still feels like with the amount of changes that are made over the months, a lot of the game is still in that phase. 

My thoughts – I feel like a lot of the features within Coin Hunt World still being in beta (ie. walking quests) can actually be a good thing long term. It still gives the freedom for adjustments to be made where necessary even though it may cause issues in the short term for users with certain phones or other case by case problems. 

Last Online Feature

Back in the day, your friends list was just that, a list. Around the time of this first presentation the ability to see when people on your friends list were last online was added. As any seasoned hunter can tell you, that’s a very useful feature to keep the Buddy Quest slackers from keeping you from your precious yellow key.

My thoughts – There is still a lot that can be done with player profiles in game, but I can definitely understand that this is such a small part of the bigger picture. Adding a last online feature at least gives players the ability to monitor who is still regularly logging in and will be available for buddy quests. I hope to see more stats available on these pages in the future, but I know this is low on the priority list if they’re even looking at it.

Happy Hour

Happy Hour was added soon after the first Lodge, this introduced the boosted category that shows up one hour per UTC day and gives 500 paint as a reward to a correct answer. 

My thoughts – To anyone who thinks Happy Hour is broken, or needs improvement, there was a time when it wasn’t even a thing! As frustrating as it may be to not see those glowing borders show up when you insert your key, we should be happy that it even exists (I understand this is likely not the popular opinion). If there are changes to be made, I would assume they’d be pretty low on the priority list, but if they come out with some positive changes without telling the community ahead of time, it would certainly be a nice surprise.

Auction House

Have you been working on your cubie collection? Maybe didn’t get that Blueprint to drop during the last event? Well currently you can save up for things and hope they get listed on the Auction House, but there was a time when the Auction House wasn’t around either. A few key changes (pun absolutely intended) have been made following feedback after this feature was released, such as how long auctions last (down from 7 days to 3) and extensions for last minute bids, but otherwise the developers seem happy with how it works and any future changes will probably be influenced by other in game mechanics, or you know, if IllusionWeaver feels like it. 

My thoughts – The addition of the Auction House was absolutely necessary. There were certainly issues with the mechanics upon release, but with the 3 day system currently in place and last minute bids extending the timeframe, I think it works as intended. The obvious upgrade would be to be able to bid while not in your HQ, but I’ll get into that below. Note: The Auction House wasn’t actually released until after HL2.

Remote HQ Access

A currently highly requested feature from hunters for months was actually discussed all the way back during this first Hunter’s Lodge question portion. Remote HQ access. IW said “That’s coming, so probably end of August…” this was in 2021. 

My thoughts – This did not come at the end of August. It’s been over a year since this was first asked of the developers and we still have no way of accessing our HQ from afar. The only hope we’ve been given was from Illusionweaver talking about a concept on Discord. The concept is a structure, which at this point, according to other talk on Discord, falls in line behind tagging and potentially a battle pass, both of which we’ve also been given limited information about. I’ll talk more about tagging in the HL4 Retrospective. Back to this structure – there has been talk of a “Signal Booster Tower” that, once upgraded, may allow access to a players HQ remotely, but unless these make an appearance in HL5, they seem to be put on the back burner. I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Other topics

After the presentation ended, the following topics were covered in the questions and answers portion:

Part 2 of this series will be out soon covering the same type of information for Hunter’s Lodge 2


  1. Reggie
    July 5, 2022

    Nice summary!

    1. wrwilm
      July 5, 2022

      Thank you! Many more to come!

  2. ITGuy
    July 5, 2022

    Very well written!

    1. wrwilm
      July 5, 2022

      Thanks Trent! I hope at some point these posts come in handy for you to pick topics from.


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