Hunter’s Lodge #2 Retrospective

If you want to check out the Hunter’s Lodge #1 Retrospective – You can find it HERE

It has been almost a year since the second Hunters Lodge presentation on July 30, 2021 where the developers shared with us their vision for the game. Let’s continue to look back at what they shared with us and see which of those visions became reality.

Briefly repeating what I said in the first installment, I love this game. Please do not take anything I have summarized below as a complaint or hate against the game. These articles in particular are simply to record what was talked about, compare it to what has been delivered, and possibly add some of my opinion on certain parts. I should also point out that I did not start playing until the end of August 2021 so the older HL’s will mainly be commented on purely based on the information presented, whereas I may have more context to the newer changes (HL3,4)

Development Team

Kookoopuffs starts the second Hunter’s Lodge by saying “we have some people who work behind the scenes at Coin Hunt World that we want to introduce and we’ll do this kind of as a regular thing where in the future we’ll also introduce some other people that work with us.”

This is followed by an introduction to Nico (sorry if that’s spelled wrong) who works on the sales side, and Renee who manages the LiveOps team, who we all love for the wonderful trivia in the game and who does many other tasks.

My thoughts – To the best of my knowledge, the community hasn’t really been introduced to any other members of the team apart from the brief “Welcome ______ to the team!!” on Discord. This certainly has not continued during the Hunter’s Lodge presentations, however I suspect Kookoopuffs likely forgot he said this and a number of the team members likely work remotely and it may not be feasible to have them participate in a live capacity. It would be nice to meet more of the team though even with pre-recorded clips or something.

Apple Update

Still waiting for Apple to approve, no news on this front

My thoughts – This became and still is a running theme in both these presentations as well as within the community at large. It would be great if the development team could press Apple for concrete steps on what needs to be done as opposed to letting the community speculate on what needs to change. There have been many reasons tossed around from the terms of service to lack of IAPs, to Apple simply not being a fan of crypto apps, but it feels like there has been little to no movement on this in over a year.

Zero Tolerance for Cheating

A quick reminder that there are many systems in place to catch cheaters in Coin Hunt World. If you’re new to the game, don’t bother trying. The community has seen hunters who are in top spots on the leaderboards removed from the game as well as many stories from new players making false claims about what was going on with their account. Read the ToS, don’t multi-account, don’t GPS Spoof, don’t cheat. The CHW team takes this stuff very seriously and will catch you. 

My thoughts – It’s unfortunate that this needs to be actively talked about, but it’s still happening all the time. People are coming from the other games where they get away with spoofing or multi accounts, but that isn’t going to fly in Coin Hunt World, just don’t.

Auction House

The actual release was about a week after this second Hunter’s Lodge and as stated in the first retrospective, it was a massive improvement to the game. It was given a specific date of release and came out on that day.

My thoughts – The Auction House had a few hiccups that seem to have been ironed out relatively quickly and there are still improvements that can be made, but overall, it has helped a lot of players participate in more parts of the game through buying and selling of many different in-game items/resources.

“Coming in August” 2021

Epic Blueprint Drop in the Shop – This was revealed on BlocBois stream later that night, and released a week later in the shop. We are of course talking about the Shark Cubie Blueprint.

Anniversary EventElemental Invasion
–Four New Elemental Cubies – ✔Check
–Awesome Event – ✔Check
–End of August – Well, not so much. It was close, but Elemental Invasion was run Sept. 7 – Sept 16th, 2021. 

My thoughts – This was my first event, I was just a Blue Cubie back then, but boy was it fun! I didn’t know the event was a little late at the time, nor did I really understand what I was doing, but the sense of adventure was real. Finding monoliths, collecting fancy blueprints and resources, it was amazing! I hope the team has learned what an undertaking the mechanics were for the unique events they plan to hold and will have the second anniversary event out when they tell us it will be, but I’m sure it will be just as epic as the first one.

15 New Trivia Categories 

Presented as if they would be released in August 2021:
1. Automotive – released Nov. 22nd, 2021
2. Business & Economy – N/A
3. Cryptocurrency – released Oct. 5th, 2021
4. Fashion – released Apr. 20th, 2022 
5. Food and Drinks – released Aug, 23, 2021
6. Health & Medicine – released Nov. 22nd, 2021
7. History – released Apr. 20th, 2022
8. Holidays & Observances – N/A however holiday events have had specific trivia
9. Law and Justice – N/A
10. Mythology & Beliefs – N/A
11. Personalities – N/A
12. Politics – N/A
13. Religion – N/A
14. Toys & Games – released Jan. 17th, 2022
15. Word Play – released Nov. 8th, 2021
+ Picture Trivia for a limited number of categories

My thoughts – As of August, all we got was Food and Drinks and as of the time of writing (July 5th, 2022) we still have yet to see anything about 7 of these categories at all.

Now I may be misinterpreting what was said, but I feel like IllusionWeaver saying, “What else do we have in August?” and then launching into a slide titled “15 New Trivia Categories” would probably lead a number of people to the same conclusion I came to, that all of these were supposed to be in the game in August of 2021. I love the ambition, but this feels like a case of being a little too ambitious for what could actually be added to the game. Picture trivia also didn’t appear until Sep. 29th, 2021.

I’m glad they showed the community the direction of where the trivia was going, but I think it was premature to make it sound like there would be such a large addition. 

Dynamic Rewards

This change added the Perfect/Great/Good system that rewards hunters who can answer the trivia quickly and correctly.

Presented as a change that would occur in August, 2021 – Implemented Aug 23, 2021

My thoughts – If you were around, you know how this went, if you weren’t, ask an OG hunter, I’m sure they’ll regale you a story of the tornado that swept through Discord. I started just as that storm subsided… thank goodness. Dynamic rewards really changed how a lot of hunters approached the trivia. Some stopped hitting higher tiered vaults, some just memorized every question for a few categories and those became their go-tos. It made the game more interesting and as much of a pain as it may have been upon first implementation, it was a necessary change and I’m sure we’ll see more as the months go on.

New Leaderboards

Next they introduced several New Leaderboards:

Regional monthly/all time – Implemented Oct. 1, 2021

Referral – Implemented Oct. 1, 2021

Cubie Collector – Implemented Oct. 1, 2021

Quiz Master all time – Implemented Oct. 1, 2021

Quiz Master monthly – N/A

Other – N/A – Kookoopuffs follows up this list by mentioning that as the game develops, and there are more play styles, there will be more leaderboards

My thoughts – Do I think it’s a big deal that there isn’t a monthly Quiz Master leaderboard? Not really, but then again, I’m not Rubix… 

I do believe that with the activity quests (ie. walking/running daily goals) there should be an additional leaderboard associated with them. I also think it should be implemented before other activity quests are brought into the game so that hopefully as many bugs as possible can be worked out ahead of further activities being added. Also, and admittedly I am quite biased with this, I think they should be retroactive, but I’m sure I’m one of very few that would vote for something like that.

Dark Mode

Proposed to be added in August, however IllusionWeaver does say this will depend on the development that occurs in August – It was released on Sep. 29, 2021 during the soonest major update after it was mentioned.

My thoughts – From my perspective, this was simply delayed to be part of a larger update all at once, it likely could have been added earlier, but pushing too many smaller updates is a pain for everyone. I’m just glad it was added in general.

First Legendary – The Architect

Only one Blueprint – Starting Bid of 2 Purple Keys in the Auction house – You’ll need the Auction house to print it – Passive buff when equipped.

All. Very. Accurate.

My thoughts – Great livestreams if you were around for them, watching Zach and BlocBoi outbid each other was super entertaining. It was indeed very hard to print, taking Zach months to finally head to the printshop and determine that it was a full hour of waiting, but it made for a nice voice chat while we all anxiously awaited finding out about the passive buff it would have.


“Also in August, we are going to launch the beta version of our Coin Hunt Merch store”

A mug and T-shirt with a cubie on them were shown as completed products while saying its been worked on for a while and they now have it right. 

My thoughts – Oof. Merch is a sore subject for a number of folks in the Coin Hunt community. It was first brought up during this second Hunter’s Lodge as if it were ready to be launched in beta and move forward from there. Now I’m not going to say there’s been no progress, there have been contracts sent out to those who were in touch with Titanium Toaster, but outside of those who kept asking and asking for updates and about the progress on merch, the community as a whole has seen effectively nothing on this front. It’s super disappointing for people to see physical merch in the hands of the developers, be told that it’s in the works time and time again, some have inventory of products they’d like to sell already, and then feel like it just keeps getting pushed back. I’ll get more into this in Part 5 of this mini-series (yes there are 3 more to come), but I’ll leave with this for now – Merch has come up in the next two HL presentations as well, so there will be more to say about it.

Coming in September

Focus of Sept/Oct.
– Upgrade the uservault system to balance rural vs. city hunters

My thoughts – I don’t really know what to say about this one. First off, I don’t really know what was meant by ‘upgrade the Uservault system’. Either I don’t understand it, or it didn’t happen.

Second, I live in a smaller city, but I don’t know if I would quite call it rural. I’m stuck in the in between of not living in a big city, but having access to a reasonably sized one almost daily where I work, and being only a couple hours from Toronto, ON. I don’t know if it’s my place to say whether there has been some balance brought to rural vs. city, but I think I can say that it didn’t come during Sept/Oct 2021.

London Launch

Beta launch in London scheduled for September, 2021 – The Launch event started Sept. 29, 2021 and ran until Oct. 14, 2021.

IllusionWeaver – “From September forward, at regular intervals, start launching big cities across the world”

Kookoopuffs – “We still plan to come visit our players around the world, especially as the cities start to mature, but in the mean time, we’re not going to slow the launch, we’re going to keep expanding”

My thoughts – The launch in London felt, from my humble seat here in Canada, like it went well and led to the release in the rest of the UK. However, I think visiting countries as they mature is reaching. I understand there are still restrictions in certain places, and Kookoopuffs has made a point of holding meetups in a couple locations in Canada and the US, but what sort of maturing needs to happen for a country to deserve a visit? Have any plans been made to go to the UK? I hate to sound super harsh, but rewatching this, it felt like an empty promise. It was another case of overpromising and not setting themselves up for success.

Q&A review

  • Cubies retaining values – see video for IW explanation
  • Auction House payout – highest bid – 10% paid in highest denomination
  • Map refill – moving to a new system, the map for CAN/USA may have been added to when London was launched
  • Dynamic Trivia details – IW says they will be released during the next Hunter’s Lodge – dynamic rewards were implemented Aug 23, 2021, details came out in a Medium article. HL3 wasn’t until November 29th. 
  • Keys for walking? – First mentioned but no timeline given
  • Follow up on Remote HQ access – IllusionWeaver, “Definitely coming soon, pretty sure by the end of [2021]” – this has yet to happen.
  • Any new cryptos in game? – Kookoopuffs, “More to announce next Hunter’s Lodge … new content popping up in October” – First non-BTC/ETH event after this time was Veriblock in November 2021.
  • Improved Referral Process? – IllusionWeaver, “Manual link… if the QR code for some reason didn’t work…acts like a backup plan” – this has not happened.
  • Additional Buddy Quest Mechanics? – Likely not in the near future

Stayed tuned for Part 3 coming in the next few days! And leave a comment down below! I’d love to see some friendly discussion on some of these topics or what you think of my writing style.


  1. Ginn
    July 9, 2022

    Thanks for these retrospectives, really adds to a better sense of the history of the game for those of us who weren’t around back then!

    1. wrwilm
      July 9, 2022

      No problem! Definitely part of the reason I’m doing them.


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