Hunter’s Lodge #3 – Retrospective

If you want to check out the Hunter’s Lodge #1 Retrospective – You can find it HERE

If you want to check out the Hunter’s Lodge #2 Retrospective – You can find it HERE

Unlike the first two Hunter’s Lodge’s, it hasn’t been quite as long since the third Lodge presentation which happened on November 29th, 2021. The developers appeared once again to expand on their vision for the game. There is a lot more to unpack this time as the number of game mechanics has increased but let’s look back once again at what was shared with us and see how much came to fruition.

Obligatory note: As said before, love the game, not trying to complain, etc. Preamble can be found in Part 1 and 2 (links above). 

This was the first HL I was actually able to see live; I was so excited that I helped out recording, editing and posting a version of it with timestamps – that can be found HERE

There was a lot more to this HL, a lot of new things introduced, NFTs start to come to the forefront of discussion and talks of much wider expansion to new countries. Let’s get into it!

UK Cubie

We are growing

  • UK launched on September 30th, 2021
  • It took 6 months to get 1000 players in US, but only 1 month to get 1000 in UK
  • El Salvador got to 500 users in 9 days

My thoughts – These are great numbers, 2 launches in the span of 3 months was fantastic to hear and the numbers they were bringing in were awesome too. It feels short lived though. It’s been another 7 full months and we’ve seen only 2 more countries added to the list and they’re both still in beta. Coming off of Hunter’s Lodge 2, it felt like the dev team would be pushing for more countries in the same amount of time, not less. Kookoopuffs had even speculated on Discord to aim for 1 country a month. I understand there may have been issues with translation, etc. but I keep coming back to: overpromise, under-deliver. 


My thoughts – This was awesome. As this was only for El Salvador and the UK, and I am in Canada, I still thought this event was great even though I wasn’t able to participate as much as hunters in those countries. It was really encouraging to see newer hunters get super involved, work together to help collect all the trivia questions, get new cubies on the Auction House and experience an event. Following soon after with the SUKU event, I had hoped that there would be more events with new token/coins involved as is so often requested in the Suggestions channel on Discord. It seems however those have fallen off since February 2022. It would be wonderful if we, and by we, I mean, all available countries, saw another token team get involved, but alas it seems that isn’t the priority. We’ve been hearing a lot of speculation lately on “banking structures” on Discord and I have to guess this will be part of how the Token Cubies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Doge, Veriblock, SUKU) would be made important, but it’s all speculation until we hear more about it.

Coming in December 2021

Chinese New Year Behind the Scenes NFT image
Coin Hunt World Chinese
New Year Behind the Scene’s NFT
Leaderboard podium for February 2022 NFT Image
Coin Hunt World February
Leaderboard Winner NFT

My thoughts – The NFTs that have been introduced are pretty cool. The artwork is fantastic and the scarcity makes them quite the collectors item, however it’s been quite a while since we’ve gotten any updates on these. There have been a number of them minted on a Coin Hunt Opensea account for the event Behind The Scenes NFTs, the monthly Top 5 winners, and more, but in game, we still have a note saying “[coming soon]” when opening them in your inventory. As more and more of these NFTs enter player inventories, one has to wonder, when will there be more news about them? Do we have to wait until there’s a battle pass, and then tagging, and then structures, and then a process to gain the structure BP, and then new resources to build the structures, and then events to obtain those resources? The words ‘road map’ have been used when advertising HL5, I truly hope this is on there. 

New Event type

Pat Morita Cubie
  • Celebrity NFT Events! This announcement was soon followed by the Pat Morita which featured an Epic cubie, new resources, and a charity aspect.

My thoughts – I’ll start by saying I’ve very much minimized the amount of information given for these new events, Pat Morita specifically. I encourage you to go watch this section of the HL or see the section on the wiki that details what was covered. 

I have a few points to make about how this was rolled out

  • The Pat Morita Blueprint being available to all was absolutely key to this event, if only the NFT’s were available, this type of event would likely get under the skin of a lot of people as the location of the NFTs were all in the USA based on the importance/relevance to the celebrity they were associated with. 
  • The “Epic” BP was too easy to get for being epic. (Please don’t mistake this for me saying it was necessarily easy to obtain in general, just for being an epic) For the most part, the devs do a great job judging how many players will be able to accomplish certain objectives, like the Chinese New Year Quest Chain in Feb. 2022 (559 Epic BPs – Yellow Dragon Cubie) or the Hawaii Quest Chain in May 2022 (301 Epic BPs – Turtle Cubie). These fall in line with an average of about 500 BPs per epic. This is the precedent that was set with the Shark Cubie and Pirate Captain Cubie in the shop.
  • The amount of detail in the HL about the Pat Morita event laid everything out very well but still left some mystery of where exactly the NFTs would be found.
  • Adding the charity aspect of the event almost certainly encouraged a number of hunters to continue their efforts to hit green vaults as much as possible regardless of the BP and/or resources.
  • As much as I would have loved to hear about another celebrity collab by now, this event certainly set a very great standard that should show brands/other celebrities/token teams that we as a community take our events very seriously and that there is value in working with Coin Hunt World moving forward.

This was a wonderful initiative brought to Coin Hunt World that I very much enjoyed partaking in. I was lucky enough to get the Pat Morita BP on my 26th green vault Small Torii Gate and had just enough resources to print 1 Pat Morita Cubie (which I saved for my February Leaderboard push). 

Christmas sneak peek

After giving out so much information about the Pat Morita event, IllusionWeaver was fairly adamant about giving very limited information about the Christmas event, but did spill the beans on the framework of the cubies that would be a part of the event as well as that there would be a quest chain involved.

My thoughts – This was, in my opinion, one of the best ways to intro an event. Give a vague structure with enough info to hype us up, but leave details like the epic cubie, or what would be needed for the quest chain out. This allows for exploration, teamwork and Vancouver to claim all the NFTs discovery of treasure at the end of the quest chain. The randomness of how the epic BP dropped is another discussion altogether, but overall I think the Christmas event went quite well. I don’t feel it’s my place to oppose how the Epic BP gets dropped since I have no better way to implement it, but I can definitely sympathize with players who live far away from the communities that were able to band together and put up multiple epic trees. I had to drive an over 3 hour round trip … twice!! to hit the closest set of trees before getting the Gingerbread Blueprint (Thanks Marlov for your epic tree!) 

Key system changes (some time next year)

  • Some time in 2022 – no more Keybooths
  • Supercharged Mystery Boxes (to supply everyone with a similar base inflow of keys)
  • new mechanics to earn additional keys each day:
    • Daily Quests – Walking Quests implemented upon keybooth removal
    • Achievements – N/A (talks of cubies for achievements, but nothing released)

My thoughts – Despite a smaller vocal group voicing their displeasure at the change to how keys are obtained, I am quite happy with the change. When I first found the game, I remember reading that it was very much intended to be a means to get people out and exploring their own communities and I felt it was heavily implied that meant to be by foot, bike, scooter, etc. Am I getting less keys than I could have? Sure, but the amount of time I put in to get those keys is far less now (I know everyone’s situation is different) and now I’m getting multiple hours of exercise each week while playing! I’m a bit disappointed that achievements haven’t been rolled out yet, but I have a suspicion that another kind of daily quest will be in place before achievements are introduced (insert yarn ball here).

Player Owned Structures / New Player Structures / Example Structure (some time 2022)

The following section was a look ahead to all of 2022 so not all of it has been implemented or expanded upon yet – some of it gets more detailed in HL4 though.

  • New construction system to replace the current one
  • Existing Uservaults to be phased out over time but exist in parallel during transition
  • Plots of land around your UV is YOUR LAND
  • Tag, Build, Operate
  • Tag: hunters will tag the world around them
    • e.g. fountains, banks, bus stops, walking/cycling path, coffee shop
    • Database of CHW tags will continuously grow
  • Build: new type of BP called Construction Blueprints
    • each Construction BP has a list of compatible tags and it’s own Construction Quest
    • CHW continuously releases new Construction BPs
  • Operate: all structures require a compatible Cubie to operate
    • some structures require stocking resources (e.g. coffee beans for coffee shop, and you need to get stocked up, and maybe coffee beans only come from El Salvador)
    • all structures will earn keys for the owner
  • Example for Fountain
  • Tag: You can only place <fountain> tags on real world fountains
  • Build: purchase Lucky Fountain BP
    • Find a fountain tag – claim the tag with the BP – complete the Construction Quest – assign a compatible cubie
  • Operate: once active, all players can see the structure
    • percentage of keys used go back to owner
    • means that everyone who has a UV on top of a fountain, will be able to build a lucky fountain on the 50m of land around their UV
    • there will be specific structures that can only be built by rural players, e.g. barn, field, farm

My thoughts – I’m going to focus big picture thoughts on structures in Part 4 since they appear there as well, but I want to touch on a few things

  • The entire concept of structures is incredible. I love the idea of building up the world around me and creating things in the Cubieverse. My main gripe with the lack of information we have at the moment is how the balance will work in a couple ways.
  • Firstly, from a city vs. rural perspective there has been information regarding “rural only” structures, and that sounds great, but if the structures replace UVs and UVs can only seemingly be placed in locations or areas that long term can be monetizable, how would a barn structure work for instance? If I can place the barn on or near a location that there is one in the real world, what purpose would that serve overall other than it being something only rural players have immediate access to? Again, I love the idea of structures, and there are many that make perfect sense to include and will benefit the player base immensely.
  • Secondly, from a player to player point of view I see troubles ahead in very player dense areas. We’ve been told that a player can claim land right now with UVs, but in incredibly player dense areas (LA, Toronto, Vancouver, etc), the existing UVs already claim the majority of good spaces for certain structures. Will this not lock a lot of newer players out of any sort of opportunity to enjoy the benefits of owning structures? I appreciate and support the benefits that early adopters are getting in this way, but there also needs to be a balance where a new player can at least feel like they will be able to do certain things within a reasonable amount of time if they put in the effort. I don’t intend for this to come across as a complaint, I just hope these types of things are being considered as the structures are developed.
  • A side note/suggestion. I feel like as soon as a structure location is claimed in game, a grayed out version of that structure is shown on the map until the feature is completed so that those in the area can see what is getting built where.

Merch Updates

  • License’s now available to apply for – send an email to
  • contract available for people to officially license the IP
  • CHW will work with you to promote your store
  • Titanium Toaster retains ownership of all CHW IP
  • want to get to a point where you can buy merch with your keys, one of the goals for next year
  • right now using traditional payment systems

My thoughts – Okay, so in between submitting the second retrospective and writing this one, a couple things have happened. First, I saw a shop open up – feel free to check Crypto Cornucopia’s Etsy shop for some pretty awesome CHW merch. Second, IllusionWeaver has been a bit more active in Discord interacting with questions regarding merch. Progress! I like it.

However, the overall progress regarding Merch licenses has been rocky:

HL2: (Jul 2021) Physical merch shown to us – told merch store to be launched in August 2021. 

HL3: (Nov 2021) We have a contract, are hugely supportive, we want to work with you. 

HL4: (Apr 2022) We’ve sent out applications, we want to approve 5 vendors by the end of Apr 2022 and everyone else by the end of May 2022.

At time of writing, nothing has been actively announced, I was surprised to see the first vendor available, and I had only found them because I happened to be following them on Twitter.

I understand that there is a much larger vision here, the want to integrate merch sales into the ability to receive in-game items/resources, but it’s been almost a full year since it was introduced and over 7 months since a contract was available. If the large scale changes coming are focused on tagging, and structures, will merch still get enough attention if it needs to be integrated into the game somehow? I would love to be rewarded for purchasing CHW merch, but I’d love it even more if I just had the ability to purchase a variety of it.

There’s another discussion to be had about what sort of in-game rewards will be available and how that will be kept away from making it so that there’s a pay2win aspect but because “winning” in CHW is so relative, I won’t get into that here and now; that’s a much larger can of worms to open.

Wrapping up

Hunters Lodge #3, like previous Hunters Lodges, gave us an early look at features to come, but with timelines provided that just haven’t been consistently met. I appreciate all the hard work that goes into developing this game and of course we all understand that these things take time.

I hope you’ll join me on the next post where we cover the recap of Hunters Lodge #4.

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