Hunter’s Lodge #4 – Retrospective

The fourth Lodge presentation happened just three and a half months ago on April 1st, 2022. IllusionWeaver and Kookoopuffs brought us even more info expanding the future they envision for the game. Although we could barely hear Kookoopuffs, we got a look at what was coming up at the time.

Obligatory note: As said before, love the game, not trying to complain, etc. Preamble can be found in Part 1, 2 and 3.

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This was the second HL I was able to see live; as with the last one, I recorded, edited and posted a version of it with timestamps – that can be found HERE

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

We are Growing Fast

My thoughts – Bigger numbers = more growth. Awesome. I’m sure the next set of numbers will show that this game and community continues to grow. I would love to see both an ‘active players’ count as well as a definition of what ‘active’ means to them, but I also understand that is very unlikely to happen. We also got confirmation from IW that the Auction House saw its 75,000th sale on June 24th, 2022 which is encouraging, and I’m sure is a great way for the devs to continue the cycle of keys coming in.

If there is anyone reading this who plays in El Salvador, Malaysia, or the Philippines, please either comment on this post, or contact me on Discord, I’d love to hear about your thoughts on the Auction House. 

CHW en Español

  • First fully localized client active in El Salvador
  • Rolling out to Columbia and more Latin American countries in the future

My thoughts – this is a great step in expansion, however, we haven’t really heard any details about the rollout to Columbia since this was announced. I look forward to hearing more about the next expansions and hope with the new Launch Boost system in place there will be development in those new countries as they work towards the goals set out for them.

Coming to the Philippines

  • Phase 1: Closed Beta starting in April 2022
    • 1,000 Early Access Slots
    • Discord Contests for closed beta, which will be carried over to Phase 2
  • Phase 2: Full Launch
    • Open to everyone (Android)
    • 2 Week Country-Launch Event (which will always include a Country Cubie and Purple Vault)

My thoughts – So this seems to have either changed slightly with the introduction of the Launch Boost system, or is just still in progress as planned and needs more time. It would nice to see semi-regular updates as to how these newly added countries are progressing, and I’m sure the members of those communities would also appreciate seeing how close they are to progressing to the next phase.

What’s coming in April 2022?

New Trivia

  • In English: New Categories including Math, History, and Fashion
  • In Spanish: Newly translated Categories: Automotive and Health and Medicine

My thoughts – We got our 3 new English categories on April 20th, 2022 – I cannot comment on the Spanish trivia, however I have to assume they were rolled out at the same time. As older categories continue to get updated with new questions, I continue to wonder about the status on some of the categories we heard about in HL2. I know Renee has spoken about how some of the categories need to have questions carefully worded or phrased, particularly when dealing with religious or spiritual topics as well as a few others, but with the list of categories being released so long ago, I wonder if we should expect maybe a new category or two to be announced in HL5? I guess we’ll see. 

Cubie Display Cases

  • Gives players the ability to show off their Cubie collections
  • Everyone gets a Common case, but other cases can be obtained with keys
  • Display Cases will be accessible through the leaderboards
    • To Edit Display Case, find your Display Case on the Leaderboard and select Edit

My thoughts – Okay, this one might be kind of harsh, but these were cool for about a day after they were released, in my opinion. Some people had fun arranging their favorite cubies, displaying their collected souls **cough, cough, Alriad** or showing off their set of epics that not many players have, but now what? I have to assume these were put in place for more than just another way for players to spend keys – possibly used in daily quests in the future? Maybe another use that is so far into the development plan none of us can see it yet? I have a sneaking suspicion that these will not be mentioned in HL5, but will be happy if I’m wrong.

No more Key Booths

My thoughts – Damn was there a tornado that rolled through Discord leading up to and trailing after this change. For anyone who was not around, as with the introduction of the dynamic rewards system, some people just do not like change. I feel like at the time I was very much hesitantly optimistic that this change would end up helping me, and I think because I’ve committed so heavily to the walking quests, it has helped even more than I thought it could. I used to spend much more time collecting keys than I do now, and while I was collecting keys, I both wasn’t getting exercise and wasn’t opening vaults. Now, as I complete the Activity Quests, I do both of those things. I understand experience with this change may vary, but this shift in how key can be obtained moves towards the longer term goals of the game. Do I wish there were still a few keybooths around? Sure. Do I think we need them? Not really. The boost to the mystery boxes helped change my mind on that.

Daily Activity Quests: Walking

  • Earn keys by walking and reaching milestones
  • 8 Milestones per day, they are exponential in difficulty and reward
  • Additional activity quests will be added in the future (e.g biking, roller skating)
  • Milestone Key Rewards will pop-up over the cubies head and be available for only 10 minutes

My thoughts – I like how this was introduced for the most part. We were given clear instructions, we’re going to start with walking goals, it will be in beta for a while as it is finetuned, the more goals you complete, the harder they will be, we will work towards adding more activity quests in the future (note: no sort of date given, even though some comments have been floating around in the Discord server). The only gripe I have about this was the original number of keys for the first few goals was decreased. I’m all for adjustments being made after data is collected, but I think the whole community likely would have been happier if they had been introduced at a lower number than where they ended up and then got adjusted up; I also understand predicting these number must be very difficult. I look forward to seeing what comes next with Activity Quests.

My experience – I now walk a minimum of 10 km a day now. Every. Day. Rogers takes out the phone lines for over 9 million Canadians? I figured it out. I have not missed a walking goal since the first day they came out. I may write a post about this near the end of the month if I have time – if you have any stories or thoughts on the walking quests, please feel free to reach out to me and I may include some thoughts from others in that post.


  • Twitter Boxes are moved to the end of the flow and can be used to report an issue with the vault
  • Unlink Export Partner feature coming soon to allow the game to reward players who keep their rewards in the CHW ecosystem (this is far down the line)

My thoughts – Overall, if you weren’t around for the old Twitter boxes, you wouldn’t know any difference and if you were, you would just get used to it. The ability to report a vault is great, but I do believe there needs to be some sort of in game reporting mechanism for vaults that can’t be reached apart from expecting every player to join Discord, go to #map-issues and guess at the approximate location of the vault if there are others nearby that aren’t in bad locations.

What’s coming in May 2022?

Hawaii Event

  • 5 Cubies to hunt for, Hula Cubie, Surf Cubie, Sneaky Seal Cubie, Turtle Cubie, and the randomizer Tiki Warrior Cubie.
    • 27 Tiki Warriors: 12 High droprate, 9 Medium droprate, 6 Low droprate
  • Hawaii Quest Chain, reduced RNG (outside of Hula and Surf Cubies)
    • Solve exact number of vaults to advance
    • Big Tickler and Hawaii HQ Skin for completion – NFT for first 5 per country
  • First block in the Quest Chain is an NFT for 1 Blue Key
  • Purple Vault during the event in a famous location in Hawaii

My thoughts – This event delivered exactly what we were told it would. Vault counters in the quest chain, randomizer cubies with community gathered rarities, an NFT for anyone who participates. Now, here comes the potentially unpopular opinion. The way the NFTs for first 5 to complete the quests are given out, it fully incentivises getting in a car to get it done as fast as possible. Lionlocks, the beast that he is, was able to crank out that quest in under 24 hours. Now, do I have a better idea for how this could be accomplished without pure speed being the deciding factor? Unfortunately, no. But I did want to point it out because it goes against the other changes that have been made to highly discourage playing the game in a car. Great event though, very much enjoyed it. 

Tagging and Structures

In the slide show for HL4, there were graphics that showed the tagging feature was scheduled for May and Structures were set for June, but they were talked about for just a couple seconds. 

My thoughts – Tagging is going to prove to be one of the most crucial additions to the development of the Cubieverse, so I’m glad it hasn’t been released prematurely. That being said, this was clearly a case of being overly ambitious for rolling out a number of massive changes back to back to back. Based on the small glimpses the community has received into the size of the development team and the number of things being worked on all at once, there were already a number of community members who had private conversations that heavily implied we thought there was no way this could be done on that timeline. The key system being implemented in April followed by Tagging the next month and Structures being rolled out the month after that, all while a large scale event was happening along with, it turns out, the addition of a Monument in Hawaii? It’s just too much for the current team. I love what is being done, but it feels like there are aspects that are being set up to fail, not in what they deliver to the experience of Coin Hunt World, but when they arrive in our updates list.

What’s Coming in June 2022?

Merch License

  • 5 will be approved in April, the rest will be approved in May
  • KKP mentioned a system that will give in-game item rewards for buying CHW Merch

My thoughts – I touched on a lot of what I wanted to say about this in the third Retrospective, but I want to hit home with the point of Kookoopuffs giving timelines that don’t stand up to what happens. I understand that things happen, there are delays for certain things, but since merch was first talked about, time after time things have just been pushed back. I love that there is currently traction on Merch now, or at least it looks that way and I can’t imagine it won’t be a large topic of discussion during and after HL5.

Brand Integration

  • Landmarks coming to Los Angeles, New York City, and Las Vegas, they will have to be built by the community
    • New activities and unique rewards can be earned at these Landmarks
  • Premiere Brands, will start with the sushi restaurant Yamashiro’s in LA
  • NFT Cross Promotions, refer any friends to KKP!

My thoughts – These landmark quests/brand integrations sound great, I hope to hear more about them. When Kookoopuffs first introduced this topics, he said it will be a way for “the community to build a new landmark in the game”. Now if the locations in LA, NYC and Vegas are anything like the Volcano in Hawaii, they’re just already there, no building required, so I look forward to seeing if there will actually be opportunities for communities to build landmark POIs. This was supposed to be up and running in June and nothing that I am aware of has been released, so I guess it’ll happen soon? Not sure on this one.


Stay tuned for one final blog post covering a quick summary, and lots of speculation on Hunter’s Lodge 5. I’ll be listing what I think will be part of it, what I think should be part of it, and what I think has been talked about that likely won’t be covered.

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