From the Comfortable Armchair of a Casual Hunter

When it comes to making the monthly leaderboards or competing in the events, I’m fine with not getting all the materials that I need, not completing the Quest Chains, or even placing within the Top 50 of my local leaderboards.

… and you should be okay with this, too.

“But fullofdumplins, this game is totally rigged so the casual players don’t succeed during the events or in the game!”, you might say. And to that I will respond, “You’re wrong”.

I’ve been playing this game since March 2021 and have seen several changes and “nerfs” come and go. I remember when every blue vault was $0.10; when every correct answer was a “Perfect” regardless of how long it took to answer; higher resource drops; when Twitter Photo Boxes would reward you with a key; when there used to be keybooths everywhere… I remember the days when it was all so easy.


Like all other games out there, it’s not meant to be “easy”; you shouldn’t expect to effortlessly play and reap all the rewards. The rollbacks and nerfs have been especially demoralizing for those who play casually and started early, and many hunters have either scaled back their efforts or left the game due to the changes; however, it doesn’t mean that the game “sucks” or that the devs are against casual players.

As I type this, I’m snuggled up with my kid watching a video that’s being casted to my TV from YouTube while it’s 9°c (48.2°F) and raining outside. I’m warm, dry, and spending time with my family. I’ve completed my usual 20-40 daily vaults, and not out hunting again to double dip after the reset. The hardcore players in my local, however, are planning to trudge through the rain to ensure that they get a good start on their Walking Quests (if not completing all 8 of them tonight) and hitting up every vault within their vicinity.

There’s a saying “You get what you put in” and when it comes to Coin Hunt World it is exactly that. How can I expect to complete the event Quest Chains or compete on the Leaderboards if I refuse to put in the effort? Why do I deserve to reap the same benefit as players like BPOD, Mebzy, Kevostrings, XRPhilip, and other “hardcore” hunters in my local when I won’t even put in a fraction of their effort? Did you know that Smooshie was away on vacation for most of the Anniversary Event and finished the Quest Chain in just 2-3 days? Then there’s me, the filthy casual player who was available the entire event, who wasn’t close to finishing. How can any casual hunter say that they “earned” their placement in the game when they won’t put in the work.

Does it annoy me that I can’t collect all the materials I need during an event and spend an arm and a leg in keys in the Auction House to get what I need? Of course. Am I slightly jaded that I cannot afford to buy every Shop Drop or frivolously buy items from the AH to increase my inventory and Cubie Collection due to my key count? Sure. But am I willing to dedicate hours a day to this game to ensure that I meet every milestone to secure a comfortable position in the Cubieverse?

Absolutely not.

While I have my fair share of criticisms regarding Coin Hunt World, the “lack” of benefits as a casual player is not one of them. When it comes down to it, I’m not willing to prioritize Coin Hunt World in my life (or at least not the way that I used to) in order to stay competitive in the game. I went from earning $70/week to now maybe getting a payout every 2 weeks so I understand the plights of a casual player, but I also know the effort it takes to be competitive. Some people may have a more flexible lifestyle than me to maintain their status on the leaderboards and that’s great for them; however, it just doesn’t work for me. I like sleep, spending time with my family, having non-blistered feet, and not stressing about reset timers or double dipping. If it means that I cannot break the Top 50 in my local, get all the materials I need to print my Cubie, or to complete any of the events just so I can maintain my lifestyle, then I’m okay with this and so should you.

This is the life of a casual player. You can’t have your cake Cubie and eat print it, too.

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  1. Lucvend
    October 8, 2022

    Great Post!!! Exactly how I feel!!!


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