My Coin Hunt Summer: Turning a trip into a leaderboard push

Last week (August 9-14) I spent 4 days travelling to, hunting in, and returning from Honolulu. In an effort to “make the most” of the trip, I wanted to take a few detours and hit as many yellow vaults as I could along the way. I also managed to squeeze in a resin dump at the last remaining Cubiecrane in the US, effectively turning a 4 day fun adventure into a serious Global Leaderboard push.

If you’d rather listen to an audio version of this blog post, check out the concurrent episode of ITGUY’s Blockchain Gaming Podcast below. Or view the video version on YouTube.

Tuesday: Honolulu

Packed everything in a single small backpack.

My alarm went off at 5am, but I had already been awake for two hours. The anticipation had built up enough that I just couldn’t get back to sleep. I excitedly got ready for my day and my wife and I left for the airport. The plan for that day was simple: spend 12 hours on two airplanes and hunt the rest of the day in Honolulu.

At the curb, my wife and I said our goodbyes and I assured her I would be home in just a few days. She hurried off to work and I made my way through the airport. The line at the security checkpoint was literally hundreds of people long. They had dogs sniffing every passenger and we were told the delays were substantial. Thankfully, after a long wait, I made it to my gate with a little time to spare.

The first two flights (Philadelphia to Los Angeles and Los Angeles to Honolulu) were uneventful. I tried to sleep on the plane but failed to get any valuable rest. I did drop my HQ in Los Angeles so that I could earn some California LBP when I hit the first Yellow Vault in Honolulu. I wanted to make sure I had plenty of LBP in every state I visited, and California would be a harder local LB than Hawaii so I wanted to be sure I could earn some points there.

When I landed in Honolulu, it was 10pm back home. I had already been awake for 19 hours. But it was 4pm in Honolulu and I had a whole evening of hunting ahead of me. I messaged some other players and let them know I had landed and was ready to be picked up.

Not long after, Korkio greeted me with a hug and we boarded MakikiTiki’s Honda Element. The three of us talked excitedly about our plans for the next 24 hours. We started off by visiting the Iolani Palace Yellow Vault and took pictures of the trees on the grounds there. I didn’t know at the time, but we’d be seeing a lot of interesting trees on this trip.

The Banyan trees at Iolani Palace

After solving the first Yellow Vault of what would turn out to be a streak of 19 in a weeks time, we made our way to our lodging: The YMCA in Honolulu, operated by MakikiTiki and his brother Psycho808. Some other local hunters worked there as well, and I was quickly introduced to Jenni808 and AwesomeJon. It was so great to be meeting new people and putting faces to the names I’ve seen in game for so long. Shortly after, Cata showed up and we all prepared to go on a walk. I dropped my HQ at the Honolulu YMCA so any walking and vaults hit would count for me towards Hawaii’s local leaderboard.

We spend the rest of the day on a walking tour of Waikiki. We completed nearly all of our walking milestones; we observed and discussed local plants, animals, and user vaults; we stopped for homemade ice cream; and finished with some delicious fresh poke bowls. MakikiTiki, Psycho808, and Jenni808 are wonderful tour guides and the time spent walking through Waikiki was a highlight of the trip. Socializing in person is way more fun than on Discord. On our way home from dinner back to the YMCA, we visited the second Yellow Vault and everyone got a USA Country Stamp and $10 of crypto.

I went out with Makiki and Psycho for another 45 minutes of walking to get the remaining walking quests done at an outdoor mall nearby. It was strange being “inside” of a mall where all the stores were closed, but since its an open air mall, there is no such thing as “closed” for the mall itself. It was strange, and I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday: Volcano Ritual

The next morning Cata and Korkio and I were all suffering from the six hours time difference and none of us could sleep much past 5am. Excited to start the day, we went out for a walk in search of breakfast. We found Eggs n Things in Waikiki and I tried the Loco Moco breakfast. I highly recommend it!

Approaching our destination!

We got some more hunting done, and Korkio, Cata and I even had time to fill AwesomeJon’s cubiedozer. But the morning was short, and it wasn’t long until it was time to pile into Psycho’s van to drive to the crater. The 30 minute ride was a nice way to see some of Oahu outside of the city. As we approached the easternmost edge of the island, I recognized a trail going up the side of a mountain. t was still far off in the distance and it didn’t look all that intimidating. The closer we got, the steeper it looked. Eventually the others in the van realized that what we were looking at was the crater we were about to hike. The “Oh shit” moment had set in!

We sat in the parking lot for a bit waiting for our group to arrive. Soon we were meeting Bullish and BabyYoda, who were recently married and interrupting their honeymoon to make this hike with us. After that MarvinsMama and MarvinsHouse arrived with Kauai and Habuteru. Everyone introduced themselves and I remember repeating first names to myself in my head so I could try to remember everyone. I don’t want to dox anyone, but it’s nice to be on a first name basis with people, ya know? Its also worth noting that half of our group was wearing CHW tshirts! I was excited to be wearing a tiki shirt purchased from Korkio’s merch shop.

Just getting started!

As we made our way to the base of the trail, there were various levels of excitement or intimidation. Some people were already expressing concern, others were sharing their eagerness to start up the trail strong and fast. But everyone was eager to get going! Korkio and MarvinsMama had started their stream, and we were all “live” on our trip up the crater. Rather than describe that in too much detail here, I’ll just say that I really enjoyed the difficulty level and would gladly do it again. You can watch the stream for more details on how the hike itself went.

At the top, the views of Oahu were indescribable. The pictures help, but being there is just something else. While up there, I placed KSG25’s referral sticker in a visible location so we may inspire some other people to become hunters. There was one guy already checking it out as soon as I had placed it. While we waited for the entire group to make it to the top, a wild Bozwalds came running up the trail. Apparently he had started over 30 minutes after our group but still managed to make it up before we started the volcano ritual. He was there to collect his weekly Koa wood from the chief.

Our group sat in a circle and began the quest. The audio from the game was mostly in sync between all of our phones, and MarvinsMama had it playing through a Bluetooth speaker; we were quite the spectacle to behold. A few people gave us confused looks but we all just laughed and enjoyed the video. The nine of us who were there for the first time all received our Tiki Chief blueprints, and everyone received Koa wood.

On the way down, the group got split up again. Everyone moves at different speeds, and some were more eager to get out of the sun than others. We exchanged gifts, drank water, and took pictures at the bottom. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and we all had nice souvenirs to take home.

We loaded into our vehicles and moved the party to Bozwalds’ house. He lived several miles from the crater so it didn’t take too long to get there. Most of us enjoyed his pool; I think I was the only one to dive in, everyone else soaked their feet. A few of us had a beer or two and we just relaxed for a little before making our way back to Waikiki.  

In Waikiki again, five of us did some walking and got some ice cream. We visited the Yellow Vault at the beach again so MarvinsMama and MarvinsHouse could hit it, and started heading back to the YMCA so we could catch our ride to the airport. Korkio and Cata stayed behind another night, but both the Marvins and I headed to the airport.

I did my best to get as much walking done at the airport while I waited for my flight, but only managed to get about six milestones done for the day. I didn’t think it was a big deal, I could just finish the next day, but I wasn’t considering just how difficult and time consuming that was going to be.

I boarded my six hour flight to Phoenix and did my best to sleep. I got a few hours of sleep, but it was pretty difficult to get comfortable sleeping on a plane.

Thursday: Phoenix and Los Angeles

I awoke as we were preparing to land in Phoenix. It was shortly before 6am local time and I was excited to hit the road. As soon as the plane arrived at the gate, I tried to drop my HQ but was hit with the bug that requires you to visit a vault in that area before you can place your HQ. By the time I got to a vault, it was already past 6am and I had missed the chance to get the previous Mystery Box. Impressively, this was the only Mystery Box I missed as I moved through several states over these 4 days.

Once I was moving through the terminal, I was able to find a vault, do a Photo Quest, and then I could drop my HQ. This means that all the LBP I earned after this would be on the Arizona local leaderboard. I made my way to a shuttle, rode 15 minutes to the car rental facility, and was on my way to the first Phoenix Yellow Vault by 6:30.

I solved the vault at Chase Field and started making my way to the Desert Botanical Garden. This was maybe the most interesting thing I saw on the entire trip. The landscape there was like I was on another planet. The rocks, the plants, just the general color of everything was so different than anything I’d seen on the east coast. I had only been to the west coast once before, so this was all very foreign to me. I would definitely like to go back to that garden and actually buy a ticket and go through the whole thing.

I made my way to the third Yellow Vault in Mesa. Along the way, I wanted to find a good breakfast place that would be something I couldn’t find back home. Google Maps found me the perfect place: I had a huge, inexpensive, chorizo breakfast Burrito at Aliberto’s in Mesa, AZ. If anyone is ever travelling to that Yellow Vault, I highly recommend you stop and eat at this little place. They have a drive through and its very affordable.

After hitting all three yellow vaults in the Phoenix/Mesa area, I was on the highway and on my way to California before 9am. Right on schedule for a full day.

At this point I had a long drive ahead of me. I was doing my best to keep good time, but I was still thinking about the fact that I needed to stop somewhere and do an hour of walking to finish my walking milestones. What I should have done was stopped and did it early in the day before it got to hot. Instead, I kept on driving. I was too excited to get to the next destination.

Scenery driving from Phoenix to Coachella

After getting out of the Phoenix metro area, the highway became just a straight path through the middle of an empty desert. The dry mountains of rock both nearby and off in the distance were all interesting to look at. We have tree covered hills on the east coast, but these were mountains on top of the flattest driest land I’d ever seen. It was just all very different for me. I really appreciated the time I had to myself to just drive and stare and think.

Around 1:15 in the afternoon I arrived in Coachella, California. I opened up Coin Hunt World and waited for that beautiful crane to appear. Another player had told me about a week before my trip that there would be a crane at the Veterans Memorial Park. Sure enough, as I approached, there it was. I was greeted with yet another Photo Quest (my 9th one in 48 hours) and proceeded to start filling the crane.

My HQ was still in Arizona so I watched myself shoot up the AZ local leaderboard. At about 300k resin deposited, I decided that was good enough for Arizona LB, so I moved my HQ to the park there in Coachella and added another 400k resin and watched myself move up the California Leaderboard. The part that surprised me most was just how far I moved up the global leaderboard. When I started this adventure I was not even in the top 200. But after 700k resin and 5 Yellow Vaults, I had made it to #2 Global.

After fueling 70% of the crane, I was pumped up and did not want to sit in the car for another couple hours. I decided to start doing my walking quests. As I was trying to walk laps around the park in the 110 degree heat, I was getting messages from people about how I had moved up the leaderboard. I had explained previously that I would be doing a road trip through Coachella to look for a crane, so it shouldn’t have been a surprise to anyone that I found it.

I couldn’t bear the heat, and decided to move my walking elsewhere. I found a strip mall a few miles up the road and was able to pace back and forth under the shaded awning outside this group of storefronts. I think I drew some strange looks as I paced 150 meters back and forth for 45 minutes.

After completing my walking quest, it was too late to go to San Diego. My flight out of Los Angeles was at 11:30pm but in order to get all the Yellow Vaults in LA, return my rental car, and go through security, I knew I would need to get there by about 6pm. I didn’t think I’d have the time to get to both of the San Diego Yellow Vaults and still make it to LA in time, so I cut those two from the trip. I think if I had skipped the pool at Bozwald’s house the day before, I could’ve finished my walking quest yesterday and had two more yellow vaults today. I don’t regret it, though. Spending time at the pool with new friends was way more fun than getting two extra vaults.

The rest of the day was fairly simple. The most exciting parts were done, now it was just time to get some more driving done. The views from Coachella to Los Angeles were less amazing than the previous 4 hours of driving, but driving through the densely populated areas south of Los Angeles was still interesting to see. I made my way to Long Beach and solved that Yellow Vault no problem.

The next two on my list were both cut, unfortunately. I made it to the Staples Center, but they had an event going on and it was impossible to find a parking spot within a reasonable walking distance. I also couldn’t go to the Griffith Observatory Yellow Vault because they had deleted it from the map just earlier that same day. There’s a bit of a story behind that, but the basic idea is that the local players complained about the location so it was moved but nobody had found it yet.

At this point I was texting with MarvinsHouse letting him know my moves. We had planned to meet for dinner at the restaurant he manages and I wanted to make sure I still had time to do that without missing my flight. I rushed to LACMA and jumped out and quickly solved the Yellow Vault. So far the traffic in LA hadn’t been too bad, but getting to the next vault proved more difficult. In and out of Santa Monica, the traffic was terrible. I was barely able to get close enough to solve that vault and keep moving.

I made it to dinner at MarvinsHouse’s restaurant with just enough time to enjoy it. I sat at the bar and made conversation with the bartender that worked for him. It was a great experience and great food. I am very thankful to have friends in the Coin Hunt community to meet up with on my travels.

MarvinsHouse is the man!

My Phoenix-to-Los-Angeles detour on the way home from Hawaii was a nice addition to the trip. Solving as many vaults as I could and filling most of a crane was fun, but the experience of travelling in a part of the country I had never been, and seeing places I had never seen, was the true goal. I wish I could’ve made a 3 day trip out of that 14 hour journey, but it just wasn’t in the budget. Maybe next time.

I boarded my next overnight flight and hoped it would be better than the last. It was worse.

Friday: Boston and Philadelphia

I would begin with “I woke up” but I never really fully got to sleep. I was travelling from Los Angeles to Philadelphia (home) but this flight had a layover in Boston. You’d think “why would you take a flight with a layover in Boston” but honestly it was the latest flight out of LA I could find, and a 3 hour layover in Boston gives me time for two more yellow vaults.

Once I was off the plane, I hit a vault and dropped my HQ in Massachusetts. I wanted to make sure everything I did there would count for their Local Leaderboard in my attempts to place on as many states as I can.

I hustled to the ground transportation area, as I only had a short window (or so I thought) to make this work. I took a shuttle bus to the subway station and was on the subway train quickly. A short 10 minutes later I was in center city Boston looking for a bike-share station. As I looked around, I could tell I was back in the northeast. There’s just something different about the way things look. I was happy to be “home” on the east coast (even though I’d never been to Boston, but its so much more “home” to me than the west coast.)

Boston’s bike rental was super easy to use!

I had my choice of several bikes at the station, but I took the closest one to me and kept moving. Just a few minutes ride down the road, and the first Boston Yellow Vault was in sight. Hard to believe only 40 minutes ago I was still on a plane. I solved the vault, checked the local leaderboard to see if I had moved up much, and kept on moving.

The mild Boston traffic didn’t affect me as there were dedicated bike lanes all the way to Fenway. I arrived at Fenway 59 minutes after my flight had touched down at Logan Airport. I saw a familiar player name, Blimpalot, on a Uservault nearby, and solved it right before I hit the Yellow Vault. This was Yellow Vault # 10 on my trip. It could have been 14 if not for the ones I had skipped, but I was still at a respectable number. I observed a large group of Red Sox fans going on a tour of Fenway at 9am on a Thursday morning. They must really love their baseball!

I biked to the closest bike-share station, returned my bike, and walked to the subway nearby. Just 25 minutes later and I was leaving the subway and getting on the shuttle back at the airport to take me to my terminal. In total it took about 1 hour 40 minutes to leave the airport, solve both yellow vaults, and return to the airport. It might have been even quicker to take the subway between the Yellow Vaults instead of a bike, but that would have been more walking between each vault and the subway station, so it probably would have come out to about the same time. But really, it only cost me $10 for the subway tickets and the bike rental, and I got some exercise and $20 of crypto, so it’s a nice way to spend 2 hours in Boston if you ever have a layover there.

Breakfast in Boston was from the airport Dunkin’ of course. I walked around the airport for half an hour and got a bit of my walking quests done while I sipped my coffee. Shortly after 11 I was boarding my final plane ride of this adventure.

When I landed in Philadelphia I left my HQ in Boston so I could continue to earn Massachusetts Leaderboard points. I had the rest of the afternoon to get to both Philadelphia Yellow Vaults and get my walking quests finished. The transportation from the Airport to Center City is not as great as Boston. There’s a train at the airport but it only comes twice an hour. I didn’t have to wait too long, thankfully, and the ticket was only a few dollars. I made it to Center City by 2pm and began the last part of my journey which was entirely on foot.

Philadelphia Art Museum “Rocky” Stairs

I walked to the Art Museum in Philadelphia to solve my 11th Yellow vault. I took a seat on the “Rocky” steps just a short distance away from the spot where I proposed to my wife 4 years ago. I have always liked this spot. Just a year ago I had put 200k resin in this very crane and felt like such a hot shot for having that much resin to spend for no reason other than “because I can.” It feels good to be able to spend resin like that, I totally understand why Cata wanted to finish the crane in Coachella.

Yellow Vault dropped a new BP!

As I sat there, I thought I might sit in the shade for a bit and take a break. I was exhausted from all the travelling and the lack of sleep on airplanes. I solved the yellow vault and noticed something interesting dropped from the reward box. I checked my inventory to be sure, but I had just received an “RNG Cubie Blueprint” which had never been seen in the game before. I messaged a moderator on Discord, and Illusionweaver, to ask if anyone knew if this was a glitch.

I realized I could get this printed right away, as there was a print shop nearby. If anyone remembers when Alriad bragged that he had a print shop within sight of his house, that is where I met with him and his wife during the Halloween event to hunt for Cauldrons. I ran down the steps and across the oval, through traffic like a madman. I sprinted about half a mile in just a few minutes in the summer heat. I checked my Discord messages and was reading that it was not a glitch, but that I was extremely lucky.

When I put the Blueprint into the Printshop, I recognized an unfamiliar resource. I know what it is, but I don’t have any. This cubie required White Paint to print it. Defeated, I sat on a bench nearby and considered if I should move my HQ to here to try to buy on the Auction House as quickly as possible. I am still trying to place on the Massachusetts Leaderboard, and I’d like to finish my walking quets and solve one more Yellow Vault while my HQ is there. Instead of checking myself, I asked in the Hunters Hangout channel on Discord if anyone sees any white paint with 1 clock in the Auction House. I was told there was none, so that meant there was no way I could print this cubie until at least 24 hours from now. “No sense worrying about it further,” I thought, and I started walking towards the Liberty Bell.

The Liberty Bell Yellow Vault is the only one on my journey so far that was not a “first time” question for me. So far I had 11 first questions, and so I answered each in “perfect” time. I was nervous about this one. I paid my key and was greeted with a familiar question. Recently (like, days prior) I had listened to an episode of Zach n Beats podcast where they talked about an “Air gapped” computer when they were doing their trivia segment. I quickly recognized this question and had the answer keyed-in immediately. Perfect! That’s 12 vaults perfect, and my trip was nearly over.

I finished my walking quest as I headed towards Jefferson University to meet my wife. She works there, and we were meeting for drinks with her coworkers as the finish line of my journey. None of her coworkers knew anything about this trip, and were very confused when I tried to explain to them why I travelled to Hawaii and Phoenix and Los Angeles and Boston all alone for 3 days.

And just a little extra…

New York City Skyline

After I got home, I slept for a solid 12 hours. I finally moved my HQ back to Pennsylvania and started bidding on White Paint in the Auction House. I spent some time with my wife the next day, but the urge to add on to my trip was overwhelming me. New York City is a short 3-hour drive away, and 12 Yellow Vaults in a week doesn’t sound as good as 15 or 20. I messaged my friend KSG25 and he agreed to go with me to New York City that evening. So Saturday evening I picked him up, dropped my HQ in New Jersey to earn LB points there, and we headed for a print shop. I printed the first ever RNG Cubie, and then we drove to the city and walked around solving yellow vaults and eating pizza. You can catch it all on his stream. I managed to get top 50 in New Jersey and New York on that trip. I might have to go back at the end of the month to do it again to make sure I stay top 50.

Sushi Quest!

The next day, I did something similar, but this time drove the 3 hours to DC with Beatsmebydre where we completed the Sushi Quest, hit the one DC Yellow Vault, and stopped on the way home from Baltimore to hit the two Yellow Vaults there. Moving my HQ twice gets me LBP in both DC and Maryland. In Baltimore we weren’t able to get one of the Yellow Vaults because the park was closed, but it was still a worthwhile addition to the trip. I ended with 18 Yellow Vaults solved in about 117 hours (just under 5 days).

Final Thoughts

Initially I expected I would be going to Hawaii and getting a blueprint. The choice to extend my trip to include a string of Yellow Vault solves was a last minute addition to make the whole trip more of an “adventure”. I am glad I did that, but honestly it wasn’t the best part of the trip. The crypto earned was great. $120 for playing a game I already love? Awesome! But the best part was getting to meet MakikiTiki, Korkio, Psycho808, Jenni808, AwesomeJon, Cata, Bullish13, BabyYoda94, Kauai96766, Habuteru, MarvinsMama, MarvinsHouse, Bozwalds, and taytay808.

I wish I had planned an extra day into my trip to really slow down and meet more people along the way. I could’ve hunted with someone in Phoenix, in San Diego, in LA, in Boston, or even in Philly (although I’ve met with people and hunted there before).

I guess the point I’m trying to make, is that I really enjoyed the adventure I planned, and I’m glad I added on all the extra travelling after Hawaii, but I don’t want any of you who plan CHW travel trips to forget to take those opportunities and stop to meet people. 12 Yellow Vaults in 48 hours was cool, it was a worthwhile addition to my trip, and I loved seeing new places, but maximizing the number of new people I meet would be far more enjoyable.

So if you’re ever thinking of taking a Coin Hunt World travel adventure, don’t forget to plan in stops to meet new people. Start with a route that takes you to several great hunting locations or yellow vaults, and fill in the gaps with opportunities to connect with other players.


  1. Fr33yay0
    August 19, 2022

    That took much longer to read that I thought. To think that none of this would be possible without CHW! That’s incredible! And looks like an incredible journey. Congrats Khag on the trip, volcano quest and the never before seen (except in the apk) RNG cubie!

  2. Amphy2k
    August 19, 2022

    Wow, what an amazing trip! You really did manage to go all over and meet some amazing people. Those photos are amazing and the luck you had getting the RNG Cubie is unheard of. Easily one of the coolest CHW stories yet! A trip for the ages!

  3. SirJadedAlien
    August 19, 2022

    It’s awesome to see that someone went and decided to do a yellow vault trip. I made a CHW suggestion a month or so back about creating a “yellow vault passport” feature to inspire travelers, but here you go and do it and end up with a never before seen cubie bp to boot!

    A fun read. I’d like to see more CHW meetups happen.

  4. Beastmode
    August 19, 2022

    This was actually a great read, very interesting to hear your impressions of West Coast vs East Coast, the local plants, places to eat. Appreciate that you shared your genuine observations, decision making and doubts, and overall positive outlook on an ambitious journey! I’m sure you’ll remember this trip for many years to come – Congratulations on your amazing journey!

  5. JabMedia
    August 20, 2022

    What an exciting week!! I thank you for the details. The movement of your HQ with the focus on LBP’s is easily overlooked in the big picture. It is my hope that JabMedia can hunt the island chain in the future.

  6. DanielGLee
    August 20, 2022

    This was such an awesome read. Sounds like you had the best time and I’m very jealous, hopefully I can have some adventures like this in the future! One I would like to do is every UK yellow vault, just like I saw Crypto Cornucopia planning. Except I’d double dip them, 38 yellow vaults would be epic! I’d definitely like to stop and meet as many people as I could too, I would always choose pool time with new friends over a couple of walking quests! #CoinHuntWorld #CHWRaffle IGN: DanielGLee

  7. HCMutiny
    August 20, 2022

    This sounds like an awesome trip, I like the idea of planning travel to specifically maximize yellow vaults. I think someone should start an open-ended “around the world in 80 days” style contest to see who can travel the farthest solely on CHW payouts earned during the trip. It’d probably have to be an honor-system sort of thing, but I think it’d make for great community content. Thanks for sharing your adventures! (IGN: HCMutiny)

  8. jibone
    August 20, 2022

    What an epic journey! Congratulations! Our driving vacation in Maine and New Brunswick was a VERY mini-version, but sooooo much fun. It is nice to build CHW into various vacation plans. Looking forward to hearing more hunters’ stories!

  9. Beastmode
    August 20, 2022

    Obviously I don’t follow directions well! IGN: Beastmode thanks you for the details of your most excellent Volcano Hike and yellow vault dominance!

      August 26, 2022

      This is awesome! I would love to make a similar #CHW journey one day. This was very entertaining and informative. (The RNG cubie has become one of my favorites in the game).

      Thanks for sharing!

  10. Beats
    August 21, 2022

    Nice write up!

  11. Ordi
    August 21, 2022

    I found it interesting thanks! IGN: Ordi

  12. ChavoChipp
    August 21, 2022

    The Yellow Vault at the Botanical Garden in Phoenix is one of the most beautiful experiences!!! Reading through this was so exciting and just makes me love where this game takes us!


    1. khag
      August 21, 2022

      I want to go back and actually pay admission and take the tour.

  13. Rubix
    August 21, 2022

    Epic trip! The southwest is definitely wild when you experience it for the first time. I’m also impressed you survived biking in Boston having experienced how people drive there! Make sure you let me know if you randomly decide to hit all the midwest yellow vaults before the end of the month. LOL

    1. khag
      August 21, 2022


  14. Tjerzee1
    August 22, 2022

    You’re a beast! I feel like a CHW slacker. That was an amazing journey FR.

  15. ITGUY
    August 22, 2022

    Awesome write up and amazing journey! Thanks for taking the time to talk to me about it!

    1. ITGUY
      August 22, 2022

      #chwraffle #coinhuntworld IGN: ITGUY

  16. Wrwilm
    August 22, 2022

    After listening to the podcast, it was awesome to come and see all of the pictures you took along the way. It would be amazing if we started to see more and more players taking trips that incorporated side trips to hit yellow vaults and ultimately monuments in the future! (IGN: wrwilm)

  17. Thumbtack808
    August 22, 2022

    Great write-up! Loved the details you dropped about the considerations you took into account in deciding when to place/destroy your HQ as you went through each state to remain competitive in as many state LBs by month’s end, given the short amount of time you’re in each state. I believe the underlying rule is that LBs earned (where ever you happen to be physically) count towards the local LB (state/province) your HQ is located at the time those LB points are earned? I hope I understood that correctly. (IGN: Thumbtack808)

  18. CryptoMeow
    August 23, 2022

    Wow! first of all great post and congrats. All the details and pics where definitely the cherry on top, what an awesome trip. It’s very inspiring how a virtual game can get so many people together out in the world to have a great time, be physically active and stay mentally sharp with all the new knowledge acquired by playing the trivia.

    #chwraffle #coinhuntworld
    IGN: CryptoMeow

  19. Chase
    August 23, 2022

    This is really cool. Looks like an awesome trip

  20. Logictroll
    August 24, 2022

    Wow Khag this blog is phenomenal! I can’t believe how much time and effort you put into this leaderboard push, let alone documenting it so well. After listening to your podcast with ITGUY and comparing it to this write up Its easy to see that you have a passion for this game! (Loved the drama too❤️). I really look up to how much you put into the wiki and the fact that you completed this tiki chief quest! Damn so many accolades… mad props sir 🙌🙌

    1. Drtrigger
      August 24, 2022

      What an awesome trip ! Should have hit San Diego as well.

  21. dgif
    August 26, 2022

    Way to be my dude! keep up the hunt!!

  22. Brooklyn23
    August 29, 2022

    2hr walks a day keeps doctor


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      Please provide as much information as possible. Is the crane fueled to 100%? Who contributed resin? When was the last puck put in? Who put in the last puck? When did it turn into a yellow vault? Who solved the first trivia question at the vault? What was the question and answer? Please provide any screenshots you have.

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