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The players avatar is called a Cubie. Every player starts with a  Blue Cubie. There are different blueprints to create new types of Coin Hunt World cubies in a  Printshop.

List of all Cubies

Here is a listing of all the Coin Hunt World cubies that exist organized by rarity. The recipe for each cubie is found on the Blueprints page.

Cubie Checklist design by billybrkr

Default Cubie

Every new player starts with the Blue Cubie. This cubie is classified as Common.

Picture Name
BlueCubie.png Blue Cubie

Common Cubies

Picture Name
GreenCubie.png Green Cubie
TurkeyCubie.png Turkey Cubie
SantaCubie.png Santa Cubie
NYE2021Cubie.png New Year's Eve 2021 Cubie
PumpkinCubie.png Pumpkin Cubie
OxCubie.png Ox Cubie
HulaCubie.png Hula Cubie
ConstructionCubie.png Construction Cubie
Wind cubie.png Air Elemental Cubie
CatCubie Patches.png Patches Cat Cubie
CatCubie Jett.png Jett Cat Cubie
CatCubie TigerLily.png Tiger Lily Cat Cubie
CatCubie Snoozy.png Snoozy Cat Cubie
CatCubie Missy.png Missy Cat Cubie
CatCubie Softy.png Softy Cat Cubie
CatCubie Holly.png Holly Cat Cubie
CatCubie Boba.png Boba Cat Cubie
CatCubie Ronda.png Ronda Cat Cubie

Rare Cubies

Picture Name
YellowCubie.png Yellow Cubie
RedCubie.png Red Cubie
PurpleCubie.png Purple Cubie
MonsterCubie.png Monster Cubie
RudolphCubie.png Rudolph Cubie
MummyCubie.png Mummy Cubie
ValentineCubie.png Valentine's Day Cubie
QipaoCubie.png Qipao Cubie
LeprechaunCubie.png Leprechaun Cubie
DogeCubie.png Doge Cubie
SurfCubie.png Surf Cubie
ForemanCubie1.png Foreman Cubie
BitcoinCubie.png Bitcoin Cubie
CanadaDayCubie.png Canada Cubie
July4thCubie.png USA Cubie
Cubie-UK.png UK Cubie
Cubie-El-Salvador.png Bitcoin Beach Cubie
EthereumCubie.png Ethereum Cubie
Earth cubie.png Earth Elemental Cubie
Water cubie.png Water Elemental Cubie
VeriblockCubie.png VeriBlock Cubie

Epic Cubies

Picture Name
SnowmanCubie.png Snowman Cubie
FireDragonCubie.png Fire Dragon Cubie
VampireCubie.png Vampire Cubie
ChillCubie.png Chill Cubie
OGCubie1.png OG Cubie
PirateCubie1.png Pirate Cubie
SharkCubie.png Shark Cubie
Fire cubie.png Fire Elemental Cubie
Witch cubie.png Witch Cubie
Cubie-BlackCat.png Black Cat Cubie

Legendary Cubies

Legendary Cubies are the rarest cubies in Coin Hunt World!

Picture Name
BlueprintArchitect.png Architect Cubie

Cubies Without Blueprints

In late 2020, the game developers issued two Cubies directly without Blueprints. They have since confirmed that moving forward, no cubies will be issued directly, only blueprints.

The following cubies do not have blueprints and are now only obtainable through the  Auction House:

Cubies With No Blueprints
Picture Name Notes
BlueCubie.png Blue Cubie Cubie given to each player when their account is created. There is no limit on the number of cubies, since new accounts are created all the time, but the number available is not infinite either since these cubies can't be printed from blueprints.
TurkeyCubie.png Turkey Cubie Cubie given to everyone that logged in on Thanksgiving 2020, along with 5,000 Satoshis. There are no blueprints for this cubie. Only 54 Turkey Cubies exist in the game, and it will never be released again.
NYE2021Cubie.png New Year's 2021 Cubie NYE 2021 Cubie was awarded to all players that logged into Coin Hunt World on January 1st, 2021. There are no blueprints for this cubie. Only 91 of this cubie exist in the game, and it will never be released again.