Dragon Scales

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Dragon Scales
Used for FireDragonCubie.png Fire Dragon Cubie, Architect
How to get Resource Boxes

What are Dragon Scales used for

Fire Dragon Cubie Blueprint

The Fire Dragon Cubie blueprint needs   Dragon Scales,   Dancing Flames and   Resin to make a Cubie in the   Printshop.

Architect Cubie Blueprint

The Architect Cubie blueprint requires 100   Beach Cocktails, 1000   Dragon Scales, 1000   Red Ribbons and 100,000   Resin.

How to get Dragon Scales

Resource Boxes

The only way to get Dragon Scales in Coin Hunt World is from a Resource Box after opening a Vault during the Chinese New Year Event.

  • Tip: The   Uservaults have a higher chance of dropping a Resource Box.