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Headquarters Icon

Each User is allowed one HQ at a time. HQs can be placed on the map at the user’s current location, at the user’s discretion.

Constructing your HQ will require 1  Green Key for every rebuild. Other users will not be able to see your HQ, and your HQ will not conflict with other HQs.

It is recommended to place your HQ near your home, or somewhere you frequent daily. You can destroy them as long as you can see it on the map, so don't leave it behind while on vacation!

  • Demolishing your HQ does not demolish your active  Uservaults and your mail will be in your mailbox after you build a new HQ.

Headquarters Functions

 Mystery Box

Every 8 hours you can collect a  Mystery Box from the HQ. See Respawn Timers for exact timings.


You can only access the  Shop from your HQ. It will sometimes be open to sell  Blueprints.

 Auction House

You can only access the  Auction House from your HQ. Here you can buy from and sell to other players.

 Mail Box

Any mail you receive in game (such as reward boxes from winning  Leaderboard Contests) will be sent to your  Mail Box


In order to construct a  Uservault you must first unlock a slot at the HQ.

 Demolish HQ

  • You can demolish your  Headquarters (HQ) for free if you can see it on your map and interact with it. Simply click on your HQ and then choose "Demolish HQ".
  • If you are not near your HQ, but want to demolish it so you can rebuild it elsewhere, you can do a remote demolition. A remote demolition of your HQ costs 1  Green Key.
  • Demolishing your HQ does not demolish your active  Uservaults. Your UV's remain the same, and all your UV slots remain locked or unlocked as they were before. Your mail will be in your mailbox after you build a new HQ.
  • Demolishing your HQ will immediately cancel any active Buddy Quests

 Chat Settings

You should use the  Chat Settings page to add your  Discord username so your in-game friends can have a way to contact you if you are assigned a Buddy Quest.


Headquarters Menu
Headquarters in-game.