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Hunters Lodge Event

The Live Chat Event held monthly on  Discord is called Coin Hunt World Hunters Lodge.

Chat with the Developers of Coin Hunt World and get a sneak preview of upcoming features.

First Hunters Lodge was held on Friday June 25th 2021, 4pm PST.

Second Hunters Lodge was held on Friday July 30th, 4pm PDT: Link to Twitch

No Hunters Lodge in August because of Elemental Invasion Event planning.

Next Hunters Lodge is planned for end of September

Hunters Lodge on Discord on July 30th 2021

Thanks to Amphy2k for writing down all the info during the Hunters Lodge event. Merged and updated to wiki syntax by  Marlov.

Illusionweaver and Kookoopuffs mentioned that they both lived in Bellevue WA when they started Coin Hunt World. They also made sure that everybody knows that they have a zero tolerance for cheating in the game. Every player in the game will receive 5 blue keys per mail because the Hunters Lodge was viewed by more than 200 people. Plead to rate the game in the Google Play Store to help the game grow. 212 viewers watched the live stream at the end.

iOS Issues

  • Still waiting for Apple’s approval
  • TestFlight is full
  • They did clean inactive Testflight players, but it’s full again
  • On the site you can now apply for a TestFlight waiting list or sign up for the CHW Wiki Newsletter

Auction House

  •  Auction House accessible only in your  Headquarters
  • Buy Items (Costs 1 Green Key to unlock)
    • Tabs of different items (Hottest, Paint/Resin, Blueprints, Cubies)
    • Yellow is Common
    • Red is Rare
    • Purple is Epic
    • Gold is Legendary
    • Shows cost/bid in blue keys
    • Drag and drop each key type to pay (Turns your higher tier keys into blue keys)
  • Sell Items (Costs 1 Yellow Key to unlock)
    • Drag item(s) to conveyor belt to put them up for sale
    • Drag each key type to pick your sale price. Will convert to blue keys
    • All items put for sale are on auction for 7 days
    • Highest bid is the winner. 10% of the cost of the highest bidder is taken by CHW, the rest is given to the seller
    • Costs 1 Green Key to list any item
  • Can sell Resin/Paint, Blueprints, and Cubies
    • Will let you create a stack of an item
  • Active Auctions
    • Shows items you put up for auction
    • Shows the items you have bid on

Coming in August

  • Trivia update: 15 new Trivia categories added to the current categories. New trivia style using images for the questions are also added. The faster you answer, the more crypto and LBP you get (unknown if the starting amount will be 0.10 for a Blue Vault or if it will be changed).
    • Art
    • Automotive
    • Books
    • Business & economy
    • Cinema
    • Crypto
    • Fashion
    • Food & Drink
    • General Knowledge
    • Geography
    • Health & Medicine
    • History
    • Holidays
    • Law and Justice
    • Lifestyle
    • Music
    • Mythology & Beliefs
    • Personalities
    • Politics
    • Religion
    • Science
    • Sports
    • Tech
    • Toys & Games
    • TV
    • Word-Play
  • Dark Mode
  • First Legendary Cubie will be released
    • Only 1 blueprint ever per legendary cubie
    • Starting bid will be 2  Purple Keys
    • Listed in the Auction House during the Elemental Invasion Event
    • Will be VERY hard to print
    • All coming legendary cubies will have a passive buff, and each passive buff will be unique to the legendary cubie.
  • Coin Hunt Merch Store Testing Launch
    • Shirts and Mugs

Coming in September

Q&A Event on Discord

161 players were participating in the event.

Link to Q&A recording provided by Anakura:

  • NFT implementation: Not much info, resources are the sole reason that NFT will have value.
  • Auction House Payout: Value of the highest bid minus the 10% transaction fee. Paid out in highest possible key combination
  • Auction House Fee: 10% off the winning bid. If someone buys an item for 100 blue keys, the seller will receive 9 green keys (90 blue key value).
  • Refilling Map: They introduced new map system a while ago. After the London fill they will check which system is better for the player base and will adapt the maps if necessary.
  • What if players answer the trivia questions slower because of slow connection: Not much the devs can do about that.
  • Distance based rewards: They plan to track steps and working on an implementation. Rewards on activity (walking or cycling). Will be tied into daily quests that they are working on.
  • New question category selection during Happy Hour: Stays as is but might be tweaked if it’s not working out well.
  • New yellow vaults: Will come likely at the end of the year. The plan is that a group of local hunters find a great location and request a vault in-game. The vault will be approved the same way as  Cubiedozers are now. The idea is that the community creates content on the map. User vault upgrades will need some working together as well in the future
  • Removing key vaults in-game: The goal is to measure activity reliably. Then players can get rewarded for it in keys and don’t have to collect keys anymore. It will take a long time to implement and tweak
  • HQ update: coming but no details provided
  • Collect rewards outside the HQ: coming soon, likely before the end of the year
  • Break down keys: No, not on Roadmap
  • New crypto to collect in the game: Yes, talks are going on about coins available on uphold for now. More info will be provided at the next Hunters Lodge. More crypto might be added in October
  • Selection of question categories at vault still only 3: Still the same. They might add more choices in the future
  • Referral system update: In this or the next build will be a system added were you can manually link people to make sure the referral works
  • Buddy Quest in-game messaging: No messaging in-game planned. Not a priority, they rather work on new game features
  • New question category about crypto is coming in August
  • Buddy Quests, adding new ways to complete them: The goal is to move away from the current system. They want to make sure players play together physically. Players will have to play together as a community
  • Twitter Box: The system will change. At the end of the resource box opening animation the players will be able to rate the vault location and take a picture.
  • Coin Hunt Map and Wiki adding into the game: No. As per Kookoopuffs, they are both awesome and he uses the Wiki all the time when he forgets how the game works.
  • Monthly prizes for new Leaderboards: Will be announced in the next Hunters Lodge
  • Is there a  Cubiecrane in each state: Devs are not sure. Renee explained that not every state has a Cubiecrane. The locations were selected by active users and population of the cities at the time.

Hunters Lodge recording on Twitch starting at the 30min mark.

Hunters Lodge recording on Youtube



Hunters Lodge on Discord on June 25th 2021

Hunters Lodge in Discord on June 25th 2021

Detailed summary will be posted soon but for now here are the new pages:

Hunters Lodge recording on Youtube