Auction House

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Auction House

The Coin Hunt World Auction House released on August 2nd 2021.

Players are able to buy and sell Resources, Blueprints and Cubies with their Keys in the CHW Auction House.

Buys and sells are initially locked for each player. It costs a one time fee of 1 green key to unlock buys and 1 yellow key to unlock sells.

  • If you drag a yellow key on the bid screen it will auto convert to a stack of 100 blue keys
  • The winning bid goes to the item owner in the highest key combo possible (auto forge up). So if you want to bid 2xKeyYellow.png on an item, you could pay with 2xKeyYellow.png, 20xKeyGreen.png or 200xKeyBlue.png or any combo that fits, but the item owner would get 2xKeyYellow.png.
  • Auto forge up but not auto forge down
  • There is a 10 minute delay between when auctions end and auction rewards are received by buyers/sellers.
  • Phase 1 was a full 7 day duration, highest bid only. So there will be a tumultuous period of price discovery for each item but this should stabilize after a while.
  • On August 9th, 2021 an updated version of Auction House went live including:
    • Auction time reduced to 3 days. All auctions that had over 3 days left were set to 3 days.
    • New filter: sort by bid amount (cheapest vs most expensive)
    • Changing the clock to represent a day each
  • Phase 2 will add more features based on the feedback from phase 1.

Video Tutorial

Credit: LeifTheImpaler

Unlocking the Auction House

  • Pay a one time fee of 1 green key to unlock the Auction House buying feature.
  • Pay a one time fee of 1 yellow key to unlock the Auction House selling feature.
Auction House before unlocking buying and selling options

Buy Items - How to Buy Items in the Auction House

  • Tabs of different items (Hottest, Resources, Blueprints, Cubies)
  • Yellow is Common
  • Red is Rare
  • Purple is Epic
  • Gold is Legendary
  • Auction Time
    • 3 Clocks: between 3 and 2 days left
    • 2 Clocks: between 2 and 1 day left
    • 1 Clock: less than 1 day left
  • Shows cost/bid in blue keys
  • Clicking on the blue keys will toggle between starting bid and highest bid. If the lower number shows 0 blue keys it means that nobody bid yet (the other value is the asking price)
  • Drag and drop each key type to pay
  • The minimum bid is 5 blue keys higher than the previous bid
  • 15 Minute Extension Mechanic: As of September 15th, if a bid is placed in the last 15 minutes of the auction, an additional 15 minutes gets added to the auction duration. This gets repeated until there are no more bids for 15 minutes, upon which the auction will end.
Auction House buying screen

Sell Items - How to Sell Items in the Auction House

  • Drag item(s) to conveyor belt to put them up for sale
  • Drag each key type to pick your sale price. Will convert to blue keys
  • All items put for sale are on auction for 3 days
  • Highest bid is the winner. 10% of the cost of the highest bidder is taken by CHW, the rest is given to the seller
  • Costs 1 green key to list any item
Auction House selling screen

Active Auctions

Shows the players active Auctions.

My Items

Shows all the items that the player put up on the auction.

My Bids

Shows all the active bids on items of the player.

Transaction Fee

10% off the winning bid. If someone buys an item for 100 blue keys, the seller will receive 9 green keys (90 blue key value).

  • AH fee gets rounded down in favor of players. That means if the fee is for example 8.6 blue keys, the fee will only be 8 keys.

Listing Fee

The price to list an item as a seller is 1 green key to prevent troll listings and encourage stacking items