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Canada Day 2021 Event.

The Canada Cubie Blueprint and its Resources will be available during the Coin Hunt World Canada Day Special Event between July 1st and 3rd only in Canada.

Canada Day Resource Box

Every Resource Box will have a chance for any of the following items:

Players not from Canada can still obtain the above Resources as long as the Vaults are in Canada.

Start of the Event

  • UTC: July 1st 12am
  • ET: June 30th 8pm
  • PT: June 30th 5pm

End of the Event

  • UTC: July 3rd 12am
  • ET: July 2nd 8pm
  • PT: July 2nd 5pm

Canada Cubie

ID Cubie Blueprint Name Tier Recipe Print Time Release Date Release Year Category Event Released Blueprint Counts Flavor Text Will Return First Print Date First Print Player Notes Notes Notes Animation
30 Cubie-Canada Cubie.png CubieBP-Canada Cubie Blueprint.png Canada Cubie Rare 1000 alt= Maple SyrupMaple Syrup1000 alt= Hockey StickHockey Stick2000 alt= ResinResin 10 min June 30, 2021 2021 Country alt= Canada Day EventCanada Day Event alt= Canada Day EventCanada Day Event

June 30, 2021

So I rode my moose to my igloo the other day, eh? Yes June 30, 2021 Zizzzzy The print happened about 3 hours after the Blueprint was released at the start of the first ever Canada Day Special Event. This alt= Cubie BlueprintCubie Blueprint is expected to be available again during future alt= Canada Day EventCanada Day Events.

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Red Boosted Vaults (2021 only)

During the 2021 Canada Day Event, Red Boosted Vaults appeared in cities that had a fully constructed Yellow Vault. This feature will not be returning for the 2022 event. it likely won't return for any future events.