Cat Cubie Blueprint

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Cat Cubie Blueprint
CubieBP-Cat Cubie Blueprint.png
Rarity Common
Blueprint Cost 2 alt= Green KeyGreen Keys
Recipe 500 alt= Green PaintGreen Paint

1000 Resin

Print Time 5min
Blueprints 100,000 (Remaining: 39893)
Release October 15th 2021

Cat Cubie recipe.

The Cat Cubie Blueprint was the first Randomizer Blueprint and the second Blueprint in the game to be limited to only one use. It was also the first shop item that could be purchased more than once during the same shop listing.

The first Shop release was on October 16, 2021 0:00 UTC and it remained on sale for 21 days (November 6 0:00 UTC). 21,530 Blueprints sold of 100,000 total blueprints.

The second Shop release will be on January 21, 2023 0:00 UTC and will remain on sale for 7 days (January 28, 2023 0:00 UTC).

  • Players can buy multiple blueprints in the Shop.
  • The Blueprint can only print 1 Cat Cubie. After it is used, it is consumed and no longer in the player's inventory.
  • When crafted at a Printshop the Blueprint generates one of nine possible Cat Cubies. The exact cubie is chosen at random at the time of printing. Some variations are more rare than others. Every version gives Leaderboard points the first time it's printed.
  • The printing time is 5min.
  • This Blueprint will return to the shop in the future until sold out.

Cat Cubies

The drop rates below are estimated from players reporting what cats they printed. Sample size is 844 and it reflects data submitted within the first 66 hours after the Cat Cubie Blueprint was released. It will be updated periodically if significant changes are seen.

Picture Name Print Chance First Print
Cubie-Snoozy Cat Cubie.png Snoozy Cat Cubie 18% alt= AlriadAlriad
Cubie-Boba Cat Cubie.png Boba Cat Cubie 18% alt= BlocBoiBlocBoi
Cubie-Ronda Cat Cubie.png Ronda Cat Cubie 18% alt= iSpeakNerdiSpeakNerd
Cubie-Patches Cat Cubie.png Patches Cat Cubie 12% alt= MinelMinel
Cubie-Jett Cat Cubie.png Jett Cat Cubie 12% alt= JfreyJfrey
Cubie-Tiger Lily Cat Cubie.png Tiger Lily Cat Cubie 7% alt= CalexismojasCalexismojas
Cubie-Softy Cat Cubie.png Softy Cat Cubie 7% Gamebruh01
Cubie-Holly Cat Cubie.png Holly Cat Cubie 7% alt= FiRECIoudFiRECIoud
Cubie-Missy Cat Cubie.png Missy Cat Cubie 1% Pcpunch

Live Cat Print Data

When this Blueprint was first released in October 2021, we collected data from players to estimate the print rates of each cat. Unfortunately, when the Blueprint was first released one of the cats (Snoozy) had an abnormally low print rate. The devs eventually corrected that bug, but it skewed the data we collected. The spreadsheet is here for you to view, but keep in mind that Snoozy is now one of the most common cats.

First time available in the Shop

The Blueprint will be available in the Shop October 16, 2021 0:00 UTC and will remain available until the Halloween event ends or until sold out.

  • Update: 21,530 Blueprints sold of 100,000 total blueprints. The Blueprint will return to the Shop at some undetermined point in the future.

Within the first 3 minutes, there were 4,000 Cat Cubie Blueprints sold. In the 4th minute, another 1,000. And in the following 25 minutes another 2,500 were sold. By about 30 minutes in there were over 7,000 Cat Cubie Blueprints sold. In the 30 minutes following that, another 1,000 were sold for a total of 8,000 sold in the first hour. Another 2,000 were sold by the 6 hour mark for a total of 10,000 sales. Since they are destroyed when printed, it's unclear how many still remain in circulation.

On October 20th, the sale of Cat Cubie Blueprints was interrupted at 14:20 UTC when Bitcoin price reached an all-time high. The game instead offered the Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint for the rest of the day October 20th and for all of October 21st. On October 21st, while the Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint was still on sale, Ethereum price reached an all-time high and so the Ethereum Cubie was offered in the shop for the entire day on October 22nd. On October 22nd at 00:00 Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint sales ended and Ethereum Cubie Blueprint sales were supposed to begin, but instead sales of Cat Cubie Blueprints resumed briefly for about 30 minutes from 00:00 UTC to 00:30 UTC. After that bug was fixed, from 00:30 through the rest of the day on October 22nd the Ethereum Cubie Blueprint was for sale. Cat Cubie Blueprints returned at 00:00 UTC on October 23rd.


  • The first player to print all 9 cat cubies from the Cat Cubie Blueprint was player Jrnightingale on October 22 (early in the day, UTC).
  • The cat cubies in the inventory screen do not have eyelashes, but everywhere else all cats do have eyelashes. This is likely to be fixed soon.
  • A visual glitch causes the cats tails not to show when they are atop a user vault. This is likely to be fixed soon.
  • From October 16th until October 21st, print shops were not correctly calculating the drop rate for the Snoozy Cat Cubie. The intended drop rate for that cat is supposed to be near 20%, but in reality it was only printing less than 1% of the time. After the bug was fixed, Snoozy became much less rare and easier to print. Shortly after, the first player was able to obtain all 9 cat cubies.

Initial Announcement

The initial announcement for the Cat Cubie Blueprint occured in the Coin Hunt World Wiki Newsletter by Marlov. Illusionweaver gave Marlov the advance information to share with his subscribers. Below is an image from that newsletter.

Cat Cubie revealed in a CHW Wiki Newsletter on October 1st 2021. The names of the cats above are Patches, Jett, and Tiger Lily

Auction House Price History

Date Item Quantity Total Blue Key Blue Key
1901-01-01 01:01:01 Placeholder 1 1 1 1
1902-02-02 02:02:02 Placeholder 2 2 2 2