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Cauldron image

Cauldrons are a new mechanic in the game for the Halloween Event 2021, and a returning one for Halloween 2022. To interact with the Cauldron, the user must approach the location, "Stir the Stew" by drawing circles in the cauldron animation, deposit 1 key when prompted, and the cauldron will then release a Halloween Resource Box. You cannot interact with the same cauldron more than once. All players can use a cauldron, regardless of who spawned it. The Halloween resource box you receive could contain a Halloween Event 2021 blueprint and/or any Halloween resource (including previous year's "exclusive" resources).

Cauldrons operate similarly to how the Monoliths did in the Elemental Invasion Event. Unlike in that event, cauldrons last for 8 hours (except during Phase 1 when Common Cauldrons lasted for 1 hour), and the Vault that the cauldron replaced is unavailable to all players during that period.

Spawning a Cauldron

  • After solving a normal vault, there is a chance a cauldron may spawn. If spawned, the user will see the message, "An unusual smell is hitting your nostrils... looks like it's coming from somewhere close. Maybe you should go investigate!" Following the radar-like ping will lead you to the cauldron. The colour of the ping corresponds to the rarity of the cauldron: yellow for Common Cauldrons, red for Rare Cauldrons, and purple for Epic Cauldrons. Any player can use any cauldron, regardless of who spawned it, however only the player responsible for spawning it will see the directional pings.
  • Any cauldron type can spawn from any vault type, meaning you can get an Epic Cauldron from a Blue Vault.
  • You cannot cause a cauldron to spawn until the previous one you spawned disappears, as there is a cool down time for each player.
  • The cauldron level is affected by the cubie the player spawning it is wearing. Wearing a non-Halloween Cubie will spawn only the Common Cauldron. Wearing the common Halloween Cubie (the Pumpkin Cubie) will allow the possibility of spawning a Rare or Common Cauldron. Wearing the Rare or Epic Halloween Cubies (i.e. Mummy Cubie, Monster Cubie, Vampire Cubie, or Witch Cubie) will allow for the spawning of an Epic, Rare, or Common Cauldron.
  • The spawn rate and level of cauldron is also affected by average speed. Illusionweaver alluded on the Discord that walkers have an advantage in this event. On 11/1/2021 when "Phase 3" started, Illusionweaver confirmed that more "nimble" hunters will see better cauldron spawn rates. He confirmed nimble as "walking/cycling/skateboarding/unicyling/skating/jogging/langlaufing”. On 11/3/2021 Illusionweaver confirmed that walking status is recognized after 15 minutes of walking and opening Vaults or Keybooths. He further confirmed that while anyone can spawn a Common Cauldron, those cycling can spawn Rare or Common Cauldrons, and those walking can spawn Epic, Rare, or Common Cauldrons.

Interacting with a Cauldron

  • To interact with the Cauldron, the user must approach the location as one would a Vault or Keybooth. You need to be within 30 metres of a cauldron in order to interact with it.
  • Any cubie type may interact with a Common Cauldron.
  • To interact with a Rare Cauldron, you must be wearing at minimum a Common Halloween Cubie (the Pumpkin Cubie).
  • All players can interact with any cauldron, regardless of who spawned it.
  • The user must "Stir the Stew" by drawing circles in the cauldron animation.
  • The user is then prompted to deposit 1 key when prompted, one Blue Key for a Common Cauldron, one Green Key for a Rare Cauldron, a Yellow Key for a Epic Cauldron.

Halloween Resources

Event Progression

  • The event started in Phase 1. Only common Cauldrons spawned at that time. Common Cauldrons disappeared after 1hour. Players were encouraged to wear Pumpkin Cubies to continue the progression.
  • Once enough players were wearing their Pumpkin Cubies, the event moved into Phase 2 about 15 hours after the event started. In Phase 2, a player has a chance to spawn a Rare Cauldron as well as Common Cauldrons, but they must currently be wearing a Pumpkin Cubie for that to happen. In Phase 2, a Pumpkin blueprint is guaranteed as the first drop from a Common Cauldron.
  • Phase 3 caused Pumpkin Seeds to drop in increments of 10 (versus the previous 5), gave a bonus chance to spawn a Cauldron to hunters who are walking, and caused Rare Cauldrons to spawn at a higher rate to walking hunters. Players were encouraged to wear the Monster Cubie and Mummy Cubie to continue the event progress.
  • Phase 4 caused Pumpkin Seeds to drop in batches of 15, Chunks of Flesh, Rusty Bolts, and Dusty Rags to drop in batches of 10, and allowed for Epic Cauldrons to spawn only for nimble hunters (i.e. walkers). Distance to spawned Cauldrons depends on your speed, with walkers spawning Cauldrons the closest (500-1000 meters), cyclists spawning cauldrons further, and those in vehicles even further. This phase also caused the Witches Hat resource to increase in amount dropped (Common Cauldrons may drop 1, Rare Cauldrons may drop 2, Epic Cauldrons may drop 3). Furthermore, this phase increased the bonus to walking hunters by increasing the boost to cauldron spawn Rare overall for walkers.
  • Epic Cauldron
  • Rare Cauldron
  • Common Cauldron