Chill Mode

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There are two gameplay modes available in Coin Hunt World: Chill Mode and Hunter Mode. Chill Mode is the default mode.

When using Chill Mode, dynamic rewards are not enabled and if you answer the question correctly within the available timeframe (currently 25 seconds), you are rewarded with the base reward for the vault no matter how quickly you answered the question.

Chill Mode Rewards Table

Chill Mode Vault Rewards
Vault Reward
alt= Blue VaultBlue Vault/User Vault $0.05 USD
alt= Green VaultGreen Vault $0.50 USD
alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault $5 USD
alt= Red VaultRed Vault $50 USD
alt= Purple VaultPurple Vault $1000 USD

How to Enable Chill Mode

Click on your cubie profile on the bottom left of the app. Scroll down and ensure Hunter Mode is unchecked.