Chinese New Year Event 2022 Behind The Scenes NFT

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During the Chinese New Year Event 2022 the first 5 players in each country to complete the entire Quest received an in-game NFT Blueprint which can be exchanged for an NFT outside the game.

According to Illusionweaver the NFT includes unreleased art & cubies that ended up on the cutting floor, and signatures of the team that worked on the Chinese New Year Event Quest!

The in-game name of the item (as it would be seen in your inventory or on the Auction House) is "CHW behind the scenes #2"


The players who received this NFT are:

United States


United Kingdom



This is the in game NFT Blueprint which represents the actual NFT:

NFTBP-CHW behind the scenes 2.png


Players can exchange the in-game NFT Blueprint for the actual NFT, which is located on OpenSea:

And here is an image of the NFT:


Auction House Price History

Date Item Quantity Total Blue Key Blue Key
1901-01-01 01:01:01 Placeholder 1 1 1 1
1902-02-02 02:02:02 Placeholder 2 2 2 2