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The Coin Hunt World players started to create various tools to help out the community.

Below is a list of useful tools:

Coin Hunt World Community Map

Anakura made an amazing map where users can easily add POI (Point of Interest) either on Desktop or Mobile. You can map the points from home or while you are hunting. It's a very good tool to plan your hunting routes or share your Uservault locations with other players

Link to Map:

Information that can be added:

Screenshot of the map user interface made by Anakura

Coin Hunt World Earnings Calculator

iSpeakNerd is working on an Excel Sheet to calculate earnings depending on different user inputs. Link to the file will be shared soon.

Link to File: Coming soon

Coin Hunt World Wallpapers

Billybrkr creates Android and iOS wallpapers for different cubies. See Wallpaper page for downloads.

Coin Hunt World Referral Stickers

Check out the Referral Sticker Template page if you need some templates for your own referral promotions.