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This is the official Coin Hunt World Wiki website, with over 1,257 pages that have been updated 24,186 times! As of October 1st, 2022, Coin Hunt World has over 150,000 players. The game is rapidly growing and new content is being released regularly. Planned release dates in new regions and countries can be found under Release Date.

Coin Hunt World Wiki is a free online encyclopedia, created and edited by volunteers to help every Coin Hunt World player looking for information about the game.

About Coin Hunt World

Coin Hunt World (CHW) is a free-to-play-to-earn mobile Geo-location and metaverse game currently in Beta on iOS and fully released on Android. Gameplay involves exploring the real world, earning and using Blue Keys to open Blue Vaults, completing Quests, collecting valuable items and building structures in the Cubieverse.

Opening a vault prompts you with a trivia question and four answer choices. If you pick the correct answer within the time limit, you receive a prize box. Currently, prize boxes can contain Bitcoin, Ethereum, keys or in-game items such as Cubie Blueprints and Resources.

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Coin Hunt World News
Green Vaults and Yellow Vaults now respawn more frequently! The devs have reverted the respawn timers back to the original cooldowns of 1 day and 1 week, respectively.

Coin Hunt World Special Event
The Cubieverse is coming soon! Stay tuned for details.

Coin Hunt World Tip of the Day
Make sure to build your Headquarters close to your home and collect a free Mystery Box every 8 Hours.

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