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Some of the apps and sites used by iSpeakNerd to track cryptocurrency gains and losses.


Exchange Trackers

CEX trackers connect with Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) to your exchange accounts - Gemini actually gave me the most trouble setting up the API

These trackers can collate the information needed to file your taxes on your gains (or losses). Many can even create the tax documents you will need. These trackers make money by selling you the convenience of centralized information for you come tax time. The support for these trackers for DeFi is spotty; newer DEXs and especially new yield farms are less supported.

DeFi Trackers

DeFi trackers connect directly to your wallet address, can track yield in lending and farming

  • Debank – really like their interface - tracks across Ethereum + Eth Layer 2's xDai, Optimism, Arbitrum, Polygon; BSC, Fantom, OKExChain, HECO, Avalanche, CELO, and Solana coming soon
  • – some gamified aspects, NFTs in contests + for usage
  • – DeFi hub, tracks MATIC, BSC, Ethereum + ETH L2's (polygon, Ronin, Arbitrum), SOL, Cosmos, Fantom, Avalanche, and Terra chains no issues
  • Instadapp – working to be a one-stop-shop for DeFi for devs and users. Launched gov token INST in summer 2021


View a comparison of several Crypto Trackers.

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