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Coin Hunt World! rewards players with cryptocurrency delivered inside Prize Boxes and Resource Boxes. Prize boxes that contain cryptocurrency are awarded through solving vaults or earning referrals.

Icon Name Drops From Notes
BitcoinIcon.png Bitcoin All Vaults Awarded as alt= SatoshiSatoshi, the smallest fraction of the Bitcoin. 100 million Satoshi = one Bitcoin.
EthereumIcon.png Ethereum All Vaults Awarded as alt= GweiGwei, a fraction of the Ether. 1 billion Gwei = one Ether.
IconDogecoin.png Dogecoin Green "dog houses" during the Doge Event -
VeriblockIcon.png Veriblock Veriblock Green Vaults during the Veriblock Event -
SukuIcon.png Suku Suku Green Vaults during the SUKU Event -

For more information about Cryptocurrency, please visit the Wikipedia page about Cryptocurrency or our Cryptopedia page.