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A cubiedozer spotted in-game.

Cubiedozers (cubie dozers) are in-game objects that players interact with to build permanent blue Uservaults.


Fueling the Cubiedozer

Before a Cubiedozer can start working to build a blue Uservault, it requires ten thousand Resin as fuel. Players collaborate to fuel the cubiedozer by dragging resin into it in increments of 100 resin at a time. To add resin to a Cubiedozer, a player needs to interact with the Cubiedozer, then drag the resin icon from the bottom of the screen upwards to the top of the screen where the empty slots are (cannot simply tap on the resin icon). When completely fuelled, the cubiedozer awakens and will begin construction. After one hour of construction, a blue uservault will replace the cubiedozer permanently.

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 metres of a Cubiedozer in order to interact with it.