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Select a Display Case

Display Cases are in-game items used to show-off your cubie collections in the Leaderboards.

There are currently three Display Cases in Coin Hunt World.

How do I edit my Display Case?

Editing your Display Case

Navigate to your own in-game name within any of the Leaderboards. In the top right corner, select the top option to view your Display Case or the bottom option to select and edit your Display Case.

Display Cases

Display Case Name Capacity Cost Event Release Date
Coin Hunt Theme Coin Hunt Theme 6 Cubies Free N/A April 18th, 2022
Premium Theme Premium Theme 9 Cubies 2 Green Keys N/A April 18th, 2022
Hawaii 2022 Hawaii 2022 5 Cubies 2 Green Keys Hawaii Event 2022 May 4th, 2022
Cubie Air Cubie Air 12 Cubies 2 Green Keys

or as a Free drop from the Quest Chain
Cubie Air Event September 9th, 2022

Additional Info

Some cubies with tails are displayed without their tails. For example, the tailfeathers of the Thanksgiving Cubie are not displayed. This was confirmed as an intentional decision, not a bug, by Orbsoul.