Edmonton City Hall

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Name Edmonton City Hall
Region Alberta
City Edmonton
Address 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
Type Boosted Yellow Vault
Date August 7th 2021
Notes Boosted by Kookoopuffs to honor the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion.


Edmonton City Hall was the location of the first Canadian Boosted Vault that was dropped by Kookoopuffs on August 7th, 2021. Edmonton's City Council temporarily renamed it to the "Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion", which was an effort put forward by local radio DJ Lauren Hunter to honor the Edmonton born actor Nathan Fillion. Over the last 2 years, Lauren petitioned to name a structure in Edmonton's newest downtown park as the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion to pay tribute to the actor; however, her dream never came into fruition. Her movement caught the attention of Warner Bros, James Gunn, and the cast of the 2021 movie The Suicide Squad who endorsed their support for the Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion. On August 6th, 2021 the city of Edmonton announced that they would temporarily rename Edmonton's City Hall to coincide with The Suicide Squad movie release.

To recognize Nathan Fillion and show their support, the developers of Coin Hunt World placed a temporary Boosted_Vault at Edmonton's City Hall for the duration it was renamed The Nathan Fillion Civilian Pavilion.

Fullofdumplins was the first to report that a yellow vault was placed at the site, and is the first known person to use it.