El Salvador Region

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What is the "El Salvador Region"?

Most countries in the game are split into "regions" which are used for the Local Leaderboard competition.

El Salvador is not split into local leaderboards. Instead, the entire country is one single locality within the game.

This page, the "El Salvador Region" is for information relating to the "El Salvador Region" locality within the game, not the country itself (although they are the same geographical area).

For more information about the country as a whole, see this page: El Salvador

POI's within the El Salvador Region

ID Slot Country Region City Type Name Address Website Progress Map Accessibility
43 SV 04 El Salvador El Salvador Region Agua Escondida alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault Joya de Ceren Archaeological Park Carr. San Juan Opico 🌐 100 k / 100 k 🗺

42 SV 03 El Salvador El Salvador Region San Miguel alt= CubiecraneCubiecrane 43% San Miguel Cathedral 2a Calle Oriente, San Miguel, El Salvador 🌐 43 k / 100 k 🗺

172 El Salvador El Salvador Region San Salvador alt= Sushi StructureSushi Structure Sushi Quest Don Li - Bulevar Del Hipodromo 613 k / 100 k 🗺

40 SV 01 El Salvador El Salvador Region San Salvador alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault Torre Futura Calle El Mirador & 87 Avenida N 🌐 100 k / 100 k 🗺

41 SV 02 El Salvador El Salvador Region Santa Ana alt= Yellow VaultYellow Vault Santa Ana Cathedral 1a Avenida Sur & Cjón. Sur De Catedral 🌐 100 k / 100 k 🗺

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