Floating Vault

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Floating Vaults are being redesigned, so they won't appear until later this year anymore.

Previous Floating Vaults were available for all players to attempt to open regardless of their location on the map.

The Floating Vault would only open, however, if enough players paid the required keys to open it before it expired.

No trivia questions were required to be solved for the Floating Vault.

Below is a list of all Floating Vaults.

Date Event Cost to Enter Prize
September 30th to October 14th 2021 London Launch Event 1 Green Key $5.00 of Bitcoin and UK Cubie Blueprint
June 4th to 5th 2021 Bitcoin Miami Special Event 1 Green Key $10.00 of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cubie Blueprint
May 1st to 10th 2021 Hawaii Special Event 1 Red Key $100.00 of Bitcoin and Surf Cubie Blueprint
February 5th to 13th 2021 Chinese New Year Event 1 Yellow Key 0.0006 Bitcoin and Qipao Cubie Blueprint
December 18th to January 1st 2020 Christmas Event 1 Green Key $20.00 of Bitcoin and Rudolph Cubie Blueprint
Oct 24th to 31st 2020 Halloween Event 1 Green Key 0.001 Bitcoin and Monster Cubie Blueprint
A floating vault above a player cubie on the map.


The Floating Vault for the Halloween Event was not opened because not enough players participated despite the fact that the developers gifted all players 2 green keys on October 29th.