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Meet fullofdumplins

Fullofdumplins is from Edmonton, Alberta and started playing CHW on March 31, 2021. When she first saw posts about CHW on Reddit, she ignored the game for a few weeks thinking it was a scam but her curiosity got the best of her and she installed the game (thinking that she would delete it before the end of the week). Since then, she quickly became involved in the CHW community through Discord, and became a part of the Wiki Team in August 2021. She will always claim that "she doesn't know how she got involved in all of this", but she has been an active member of the Coin Hunt World Community.

Fullofdumplins currently manages the @CHW_WikiTeam and @CUBIE_DAO Twitter accounts; is a moderator for Coin Hunt World Canada and Coin Hunt World Fan Group Facebook groups; and a moderator for her local Coin Hunt World Discord group in addition to being a Senior Editor and Core Contributor to the CHW Wiki Team.


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  • fullofdumplins was the first hunter to report that a yellow vault was placed at Edmonton City Hall, and is the first known player to open it.

First Prints

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region See Full LB Place Prize
1 June 2022 Local Leaderboard Alberta (CA) 🔎 46th 5 Blue Key
1 May 2022 Local Leaderboard Alberta (CA) 🔎 45th 5 Blue Key
1 December 2021 Local Leaderboard Alberta (CA) 🔎 35th 5 Blue Key

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Coin Hunt World WikiPod

Original Release Date Title Host Guest Special Event Topic(s) Discussed
January 14, 2022 "Crypto Exchanges" iSpeakNerd Fullofdumplins Suku Event Crypto Exchanges

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