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GitCoin Grant Round 13

Effects of Quadratic Funding

The C.U.B.I.E. DAO has been accepted to GitCoin's 13th round of Grant funding. Any donations made through GitCoin are matched so even just a dollar can SO much farther than you think! Please follow the steps below to donate.

The matching bonus increases as you connect your account to various Web2 and Web3 Platforms. You can read more about the Trust Bonus on GitCoin's website here

Match Bonus Note:
Number of contributors matters more than amount funded. For example, 100 $1 donations will be matched higher than 1 $100 donation.

Donation Status

🎉🎉 We reached our first, second, and final stretch goals of 25, 50, and 100 donors for our first grant application! 🥳 🥳 Thank you for helping us get this far!

Number of Donors 100 / 100

Video tutorial

Video links:

GitCoin C.U.B.I.E. DAO page

Gas Tracker


Video timestamps:


What is GitCoin?

How to build GitCoin trust

How to transfer Ethereum from Uphold to MetaMask

What about gas fees?

Text tutorial

Creating a GitCoin account and Raising your Matching Bonus
Verify your phone number to increase the matching bonus by 15%
  1. Create a free GitCoin account here; you only need to provide your email
  2. Go to the trust section of your profile and scroll down to see all of the different ways you can increase your matching bonus before donating.
Donating to the C.U.B.I.E. DAO Grant
Example of GitCoin's Quadradic Funding matching bonus allocation
  1. Locate our C.U.B.I.E. DAO Grant and "Add to Cart"
  2. In the upper right hand corner of the screen click on the shopping cart icon and proceed to Checkout (1 grant)
  3. Select your preferred Currency and donation amount- this is where you will be able to see your donation's matched bonus
  4. Proceed to Checkout by connecting your Ethereum, Polygon, or zkSync wallet
    1. Wait, what? How do I create an Ethereum, Polygon, or zkSync wallet? Click here for tutorial on how to create an ethereum wallet with Metamask
    2. Make sure your wallet has funds in it. This may mean you need to transfer ETH to your new wallet from Uphold.
    3. N.B. We recommend donating on Ethereum mainnet unless you know what you are doing.
  5. Verify the transaction through your wallet
Quadradic Funding Pool

The Quadradic Funding Pool is how GitCoin determines the matching bonus at any given time. Read more about this process and play with the math on GitCoin's website here.

Match Bonus Note:
We are encouraging everyone to donate via GitCoin grants during this grant round that ends March 24, 2022 due to the matching pool.

Donation Flowchart


This section is for advanced users only. If you are new to working with wallets, return to the previous section and follow the video tutorial by LeifTheImpaler.

The Green path (3) is the path described above and in the tutorial video.

Gitcoin donation paths.png

The above image provides some alternate paths to gitcoin donation.

Yellow path (4) shows a way to minimize withdrawal fees at Uphold but requires having a Gemini or other CEX account and two additional swap steps along the way.

Layer 2

Paths (1) and (2) show ways to on ramp fiat currency to Ethereum layer 2's zkSync and Polygon, respectively. There are steep fees (~4%) from payment processors to do so in this manner, but transaction fees are much lower than Ethereum mainnet.