Green Vault

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Green Vault
How to Open alt= Green KeyGreen Key
Value $0.35 - $1 USD
Respawn Time 12:00 UTC (See Respawn Timers page for specific Timezones)
Where to Find Community Map

A Coin Hunt World Green Vault can be opened with Green Keys. After successfully answering a Trivia Question the Green Vault will drop up to $1 USD worth of Cryptocurrency a third of the time, a Resource Box, or a choice of the two.

  • Green Tier Resource Boxes contain 500 Resin (100%), 250 paint, a random color Cubie Blueprint Green CubieYellow CubieRed CubiePurple Cubie (small chance), and a Home Country Stamp (very low chance).

The Cryptocurrency reward is dependent on what gameplay mode you choose. If using chill mode, the reward is $0.50 USD given that you answer the question correctly before the timer elapses. If using Hunter Mode, the reward is dependent on how long you take to answer the trivia question correctly.

Green Vaults sometimes drop one or more Blue Keys. Less often, Green Vaults can drop one Green Key. Very rarely, a Green Vault can drop a Yellow Key.

Uservaults can not be placed within 100m of a green vault.

Respawn Time

To check how often Vaults and Keys refresh go to Respawn Timers.

Interaction Radius

You need to be within 30 meters of a Green Vault in order to interact with it.

Where to find Green Vaults

Green Vaults are fairly common and can be found anywhere with a lot of foot traffic. For example Parks, Malls, Shops, Churches, Stadiums, Gas Stations etc.

UK players have reported that most (but not all) Boots pharmacies have a Green Vault nearby.