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The HQ Skin Blueprint concept was first released for the Chinese New Year Event 2022. Hunters who finished the quest line received one HQ Skin Blueprint as part of the reward. However, the first edition of the HQ Skin Blueprint is actually for the Christmas Event. The 131 hunters who completed the Christmas Quest Chain retroactively received the Gingerbread HQ BP in their Mail Box.

Show your Headquarters to other Players

Your Headquarters is only visible to you on the map. However, it is planned that in the future if you have skinned your headquarters with one of these special HQ Blueprints, if someone is browsing the leaderboard, they can click on a player’s name to get more details. One of these details, if enabled, is an option to look at that player’s Headquarters. As Illusionweaver put it, if you like showing off, show off your HQ on the leaderboard.

How to Use the HQ Skin Blueprint

First you must have a Level 5 Headquarters.

In your inventory, go to the tab for Construction Blueprints (because HQ Skin BPs are a type of Construction Blueprint). Find the HQ Skin you want to apply and press and hold "Build Here". That's it!

To revert back to your regular headquarters, do the same process: in your inventory find the currently equipped HQ Skin BP and click it. Then long press on "Build Here" to "unbuild" the Skin and revert back to your normal Level 5 HQ.

Selling HQ Skin Blueprints

HQ Blueprints can only be used to apply the skin if you own it. If you sell it in the Auction House, your Headquarters will revert to the default skin.

List of HQ Skin Blueprints

Picture Name Supply Event
HQSkinBP-Gingerbread HQ BP.png alt= Gingerbread HQ BPGingerbread HQ BP 131 alt= Christmas EventChristmas Event
HQSkinBP-CNY HQ BP.png alt= CNY HQ BPCNY HQ BP 56 alt= Chinese New Year Event 2022Chinese New Year Event 2022
HQSkinBP-Hawaii HQ BP.png alt= Hawaii HQ BPHawaii HQ BP 278 alt= Hawaii Event 2022Hawaii Event 2022
HQSkinBP-Log Cabin HQ BP.png alt= Log Cabin HQ BPLog Cabin HQ BP 10,000 (only about 4400 currently, the rest will return in the Shop at a later date) alt= ShopShop
HQSkinBP-Hangar HQ BP.png alt= Hangar HQ BPHangar HQ BP 451 alt= Cubie Air EventCubie Air Event
HQSkinBP-Tomb HQ BP.png alt= Tomb HQ BPTomb HQ BP ? alt= Halloween Event 2022Halloween Event 2022
HQSkinBP-Hippie HQ BP.png alt= Hippie HQ BPHippie HQ BP ? alt= Adventure RoadAdventure Road November 2022