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Coin Hunt World history!

July 7th 2020

Beta test 1 has officially started! (Android only, iOS beta coming in October)

August 3rd 2020

Closed BETA opens its doors in California.

August 20th 2020

Beginning of early access phase of the game. Only released in select US cities.

September 24th 2020

Coin Hunt World is now in open Beta for Android!

September 28th 2020

Coin Hunt World is now in closed Beta for iOS!

October 5th 2020

New Hotspots added to Arizona.

October 6th 2020

New Hotspots added to Nevada

October 8th 2020

New Hotspots added to New York

October 20th 2020

Win yellow Prize Boxes with the Halloween Crafting event

October 29th 2020

New Hotspots added to Michigan

December 16th 2020

New Feature announcement: Boosted Vaults

December 17th 2020

Introducing Coin Hunt World's Big Christmas Events

December 30th 2020

First Canadian vault opened.

January 8th 2021

Achievement Unlocked! We reached our first big milestone. 1000 Coin Hunters!

February 6th 2021

We added Printshops to every Walmart & Target in USA and every Walmart in Canada

February 11th 2021

Valentine’s event implemented

February 23rd 2021

We added Printshops to every Canadian Tire in Canada

March 2nd 2021

Leaderboards for USA and Canada added

March 9th 2021

Introducing Uservaults

March 11th 2021

St. Patrick's day event implemented

March 12th 2021

First ban wave of cheaters: we are currently issuing our first sweep of banning users that were caught cheating. Don't cheat, just play.

March 31st 2021

Doge week

April 13th 2021

Today we enabled our Export function with our partner Uphold.

April 27th 2021

Introducing Yellow Vaults

April 30th 2021

Floating Vault and Hawaii Event

May 8th 2021

First Purple Vault opened by BlocBoi in Hawaii during the Hawaii Special Event.

May 29th 2021

First drop is live in the Shop... Grab that OG Cubie