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Players can accumulate a lot of Cryptocurrency playing the game in a very passiv or active way (See payout examples from a few users). Coin Hunt World is fun for a casual walker that collects a key and solves a vault once in a while but also for very active players optimizing routes to collect as many keys and vaults as possible. Some make money with getting a lot of referrals by asking friends and family to join.

Below is an overview to show how much a player can earn playing Coin Hunt World.

  • Check out the Start Guide for more information about how to play the game.
  • Check out the list of all Cubies in the game so far
  • Link to download the game in the App Store: Play Now

Video Tutorial

The section that explains how much you can earn begins at 3:01.

Credit: LeifTheImpaler

Playing with very little Effort

Total per month = $70

$70 for setting up a HQ and collecting 3 Mystery Boxes every day and finishing a buddy quest once a week which takes maybe 10min.

Please keep in mind that this value is in keys and still has to be converted at vaults into cryptocurrency by answering Trivia Questions.

Collecting Keys and Vaults

This very much depends where you live. Rural players don't have a high key and vault density yet (the developers were hinting that they will boost rural areas in the future). The best places are high density of shops and tourist spots.

Areas with a few active players that strategically placed their Uservaults can easily collect a key and solve a vault per minute. You can speed up your average time by jogging or using a skateboard, roller blades, bicycle or car.

Vaults and Uservaults have to be a minimum of 100m apart while keys have to be 50m apart from vaults. So if you space out uservaults perfectly at 100m and walk at 5km/h you could pass 50 uservaults in 1 hour.

Examples of routes players actually achieved in the game:

  • Car and walking: 40 blue keys and 60 vaults in less than 2 hours
  • Rollerblading: 15 keys and 25 vaults in 35min

Check out the Coin Hunt World Community Map which shows player submitted locations of keys, vaults and print shops. Help by adding your spots too.

Referring Friends and Family

Referring new players is very attractive at the moment because the game is in early stage and has to grow the user base. Please look at the Referral page to see the benefits of referring new players.

Average Earnings Data

Player Lepidoctora created this UV planning tool.

Live version that you can make a copy of and edit to plan and customize your own UV placements.