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Starting in September 2021, players can select "Hunter Mode" to multiply their Crypto and LBP earnings on each vault solved. If they solve too slowly, they lose some, but if they solve quickly they can double their crypto!

There are two gameplay modes available in Coin Hunt World: Chill Mode and Hunter Mode. Chill Mode is the default mode.

When using Chill Mode, dynamic rewards are not enabled and if you answer the question correctly within the available timeframe (currently 25 seconds), you are rewarded with the base reward for the vault no matter how quickly you answered the question.

Coin Hunt World Hunter Mode enables the dynamic reward system, which boosts rewards depending on how quickly you correctly answer the trivia question.

Hunter Mode Dynamic Rewards System

Hunter Mode Dynamic Rewards
Zone Time to Answer Reward
PERFECT 4.5 seconds* +100% bonus crypto and leaderboard points
GREAT 11.5 seconds** +40% bonus crypto and leaderboard points
GOOD 27 seconds*** -30% crypto and leaderboard points

The timer starts after 2 seconds have elapsed to allow time to read the question.

*The PERFECT zone lasts 2.5 seconds, thus 2 seconds (reading time) + 2.5 seconds = 4.5 seconds in total.

**The GREAT zone lasts 7 seconds, thus 2 seconds (reading time) + 2.5 seconds (PERFECT zone) + 7 seconds = 11.5 seconds in total.

***The GOOD zone lasts 16.4 seconds, thus 2 seconds (reading time) + 2.5 seconds (PERFECT zone) + 7 seconds (GREAT zone) + 17.5 seconds = 27 seconds in total.

NOTE: A small tweak decreasing the time to get a "perfect" answer by 0.5 seconds was implemented on April 26, 2022. You can read about this update in Coin Hunt World's Medium article

Hunter Mode Rewards Table

Per the current rewards tiers, this translates into the following dollar amounts:

Hunter Mode Vault Rewards
Vault Reward
White Vault $0.01 USD $0.007 USD $0.0035 USD
Blue Vault/User Vault $0.10 USD $0.07 USD $0.035 USD
Green Vault $1.00 USD $0.70 USD $0.40 USD
Yellow Vault $10.00 USD $7.00 USD $3.50 USD
Red Vault $100.00 USD $70.00 USD $35.00 USD
Purple Vault $1000 USD $1000 USD $1000 USD

How to Enable Hunter Mode

Click on your cubie profile on the bottom left of the app. Scroll down and ensure Hunter Mode is checked.