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Illusionweaver's favorite cubie is the Pirate Cubie.

Illusionweaver (Jeroen Van den Bosch) is the lead game designer for, and co-founder of, Coin Hunt World! He is the mind behind the game, and makes the magic happen with his team of highly skilled game devs.



Illusionweaver runs the official Coin Hunt World! YouTube channel.

First Prints

Leaderboard Rankings

Month Type Region See Full LB Place Prize
1 April 2022 Local Leaderboard Nevada (US) 🔎 21st 5 Blue Key
1 November 2021 Local Leaderboard Nevada (US) 🔎 42nd 5 Blue Key
1 October 2021 Local Leaderboard Nevada (US) 🔎 16th 5 Blue Key

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